German Lunch at The Christmas Village

LOVE Park has been transformed into The Christmas Village for the 7th year in a row. In the style of a traditional, open-air German Christmas Market, huts of crafts and snacks are open daily until Sunday, December 28th. While its around, we might as well take advantage of the quick and unique lunch offerings, tis the season.

From the Cheese Booth (closer to the 15th street side), you can find raclette cheese, melted to order under a heating contraption, scraped  on top of a potato pancake with some decorative gerkins ($8). As a Jewy lady, the addition of melty cheese instead of sour cream or apple sauce was out of my comfort zone. But, melted cheese is never ever bad.

The stand adjacent to the Cheese Booth is new, serving doner Kebob sandwiches for $6.

Closer to the tented area in the middle (you can find a heater in the corner, make sure it’s turned on) is the wurst stand.

We picked up goulash, currywurst, and a pork schnitzel sandwich. The meaty goulash impressed, it was chock full of meat and warmed us up immediately. The curry wurst has a lot of flavor, it wouldn’t be a bad choice. The kraut it comes with is on the mild side. The schnitzel is nicely fried but is placed on too heavy of a bun.  The messy, brown sauce on it is the star- it sort of taste like the currywurst in liquid form. That’s a good thing.

The waffle stand,  (back over towards the 15th Street side) in its 2nd year at the Christmas Village, cleverly breaks up its waffles and places it in a cone with a separate section for the dipping sauce. A bacon studded waffle with nutella and speculoos to dip it in, combined some of the best things a dessert could possibly offer. You might want to share this, especially if you’ve already just consumed your German lunch.

If not for the unique gifts (bacon jam, gloves in the shape of bear paws, frightening puppets), you should check out Christmas Village for the food.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Hot German food

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Only available until the end of the month
  • A little chilly, even in the tented area

Christmas Village, LOVE Park 


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