Vibrant Truck Food from Latin Farmer

Over the summer when I first heard that a “sustainable”, “local”, “Latin”, food truck was coming to Center City I couldn’t have been more intrigued. Now the truck is all set up and is serving lunch Wednesday through Sunday at LOVE Park, Norris Square, and Headhouse Market. The menu is ambitious, with things like choripan sandwiches and hanger steak wraps it sets itself apart from other food truck in the city.  When finally making my way to order at the lime green truck, I was greeted by some friendly gentleman who told me that today was a good day- heirloom tomato salad was being served with the meals.

I desperately needed a drink while I waited in LOVE Park for my food. Though I look forward to the giant pitcher size servings of agua fresca when I go to Mexican restaurants, Latin Farmer’s cup of nectarine-mint agua fresca was tart and refined.

I had just had a crazy meat dinner, so instead of getting a steak sandwich like my instincts told me I ordered the chicken salad collard wrap. It came with 2 wraps and a dallop of hummus (flavors rotate weekly) and a small scoop of that first class heirloom tomato salad. I was curious as to whether or not the collard leaf would be unpleasant to bite into but it wasn’t at all. It was sturdy, as far as leaves go, and tasted neutral. The chicken salad was chopped into more of a mush than I usually go for when making my own, but the flavors were strong and I especially appreciated the brightness of the nectarines. I worried that the wraps would not be sufficient, but I ended up being pleasantly full when I finished. The steak sandwich is calling my name for next time though, has anyone tried it?

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Healthy and flavorful truck food that is unique

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • I need my agua fresca to be in a cup as big as my face

Latin Farmer, various locations, check website



  • I ordered the Plantain collard wrap and it was excellent. And the empenadas were not what i was expecting- they were even better!!! 2 empenadas for $5 is a very reasonable price.

  • @tor there were no empandas when I visited! I am sorry I missed out, but I will definitely be back to try them since you vouched for them

    • I think they were originally listed as pastelillos. But since it is pretty clear that Philly loves empanadas, it was a good idea for them to just change the name!

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