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HITEA serves Macarons in The Gallery

The Market East Station/Gallery Mall recently saw the opening of a Bubble Tea and macaron shop on its lower level.

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I-Green Frozen Yogurt and Kitchen’s Secretly Awesome Dim Sum

I-Green opened in the summer of 2012 and has managed to stay open despite its confusing identity. While it used to only serve vegetarian food, that is no longer the case. Is it a froyo joint? A generic Chinese food restaurant? Where to get bubble tea? A  sushi spot? A place to get a cheesesteak? A place for vegetarian mock meat? It is all of those things, yes, but those things are irrelevant. Because in the kitchen (located in the back, behind the whole froyo set up), you can score some fresh dim sum all day. At $6, I-Green’s lunch combo is almost tempting, but the basic choices are not thrilling. Instead, bring a friend, and share some plates from the dim sum section.

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Kermit’s Now Delivers (Some Hits and Misses)

The title has two meanings guys, because Kermit’s Bake Shop on Washington Ave started delivery service this week and also also because they delivered a mixed reaction from their products that I tried this time.

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Center City’s Newest Walgreens features Froyo and Chandeliers

Last week, a new Walgreens opened on Broad and Chestnut, replacing a Borders. This is not normally the type of news that would be exciting to me, but someone wise informed this is a different type of Walgreens and dragged me over. And like usual, he was right. This is not just a place to by your Q-tips. It is a shop with 3 floors, a beautiful ceiling, chandeliers, a Redbox, a department store worthy makeup section, and food.

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Testing All the Hot Pockets at Kermit’s Bake Shoppe

I have been counting down the days until Kermit’s Bake Shoppe opened. Part pizza shop, part bakery, Kermit’s brings fresh, doughy items to a pretty barren block. The pink, floral murals alone brighten up Washington Ave. It was nice to see a stream of people from all walks of life arriving via car, bike, or foot  to check out this new spot.

After checking out the available goods for the day behind the glass, order at the counter. Its a strictly take out, delivery, or eat standing up  sort of place.  Plus it is HOT in there, so don’t bring a bottle of wine and plan to stay for a while.

For pictures of the interior, check out Zagat’s recent post.

I tried ALL the “hot pockets” plus a few desserts…

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A Southern Inspired South Street Escape at The Twisted Tail

The Twisted Tail is located close enough to South Street you would think it would have been infected by it. Luckily, this “Southern inspired Bourbon house” is a nice escape from tourists and wayward teens. I was invited to try their lunch menu, available Monday through Friday, though many of the lunch items can be found on the regular menu.

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Spruced Up Luncheonette Food from Cousin’s Grubhouse

Cousin’s Grubhouse, a luncheonette in South Philly, was revamped under new ownership in March of this year, though I have no idea what the previous Cousin’s was like.   Few luncheonette style places like this are left  in the city; the kind Guy Fieri would visit on Triple D.  The menu includes all the breakfast staples you can think of, plus meat filled sandwiches, and things like hot dogs with peanut butter and bananas, chicken and waffles, and pancakes stuffed with bacon. Its a lot of comfort food to choose from.

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