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Lunch Links (The “Balmy Holidays” Edition)

  • Remember how Mercadito was supposed to open at 22nd and Chestnut? Its now going to be a tapas and wine bar called Saige Cafe [Foobooz]
  • Little Lion is opening early January with fried chicken and sweet corn bisque [Eater]
  • Foobooz has a list of what is open on XMas [Foobooz]

Indonesian Lamb Fried Rice

Indonesia Restaurant on Snyder is easily the least divey Indonesian food establishment in Philly. The last time I wrote about it was back in 2010. I enjoyed my meal but didn’t love all of the dishes recommended to me by the waiter. For this visit, I took complete charge of the ordering.

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Lunch Links (The “Avocado Fries Coming” Edition)

  • Yes, I definitely want avocado fries [Passyunk Post]
  • 26 North in Old City has started serving lunch with things like a mortadella and fried eggplant panini [Foobooz]
  • Naoki Ramen replaces Rai Rai Ramen in Chinatown [The Insider]

PB and J + Bacon Dog at Underdogs

Underdogs has been going strong on 17th Street for a few years now. Back in 2012, Luncher John loved the beef chili covered “Michigan” dog. I have a deep love for hot dogs, but try not to eat them too often. Things have been hectic at work, and I decided a comforting hot dog was something I deserved.  To make it more comforting, why not pair it with toppings from a classic elementary school sandwich and everyone’s favorite breakfast side dish.

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Christmas Village Gives Me a Big Doner

If you live or work in Center City, you are well aware that Christmas Village is back. Besides 70 merchants to take care of holiday shopping, there are several German food vendors. Though it is temporary, it worth using while it lasts to break up your regular lunch routine. Last year, I tried an impressive percentage of the food items available at the Village; the melted to order raclette cheese on top of a potato pancake (not available this year), goulash, currywurst, a pork schnitzel sandwich, and a bacon waffle with nutella and speculoos.  This year, I wanted to try the item I skipped last year, the doner kebab sandwich.

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Lunch Links (The “Free Kale Bowl” Edition)

  • Herban Quality Eats is opening in University City  with a free lunch next week [Foobooz]
  • Some pictures of Sate Kampar’s menu, opening in a few weeks [Eater]
  • The Fountain at the Four Seasons has been replaced by Urban Farmer and seems, of course, fancy [The Insider]

El Sabor Restaurant

Just when I think I have tried all the North Philly corner Puerto Rican joints with under 10 Yelp reviews, I stumbled across El Sabor Restaurant, which has been in business for almost 30 years. Forgoing the dining room off to the side, we picked up some decedent items from behind the counter.

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