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Lunch Links (The “The Metal Pig Truck” Edition)

Photo Courtesy of Ethan.KNarrow Focal Point via Jalopnik

  •  Foobooz had a better experience at So Crepe [Foobooz]
  • 10 weird food trucks around the world [Jalopnik]
  • A new taco place is coming to Brewerytown [The Insider]
  • Brian Freedman loves Cheu’s pig tails and brisket soup [Phila Weekly]
  • Out in the burbs, Citron and Rose is doing lunch [Eater]

Spruced Up Luncheonette Food from Cousin’s Grubhouse

Cousin’s Grubhouse, a luncheonette in South Philly, was revamped under new ownership in March of this year, though I have no idea what the previous Cousin’s was like.   Few luncheonette style places like this are left  in the city; the kind Guy Fieri would visit on Triple D.  The menu includes all the breakfast staples you can think of, plus meat filled sandwiches, and things like hot dogs with peanut butter and bananas, chicken and waffles, and pancakes stuffed with bacon. Its a lot of comfort food to choose from.

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Unexpected Fusion BBQ from the Guerrilla Ultima Truck

Today, Luncher John is eating giant portable BBQ.

I was very excited when the Guerrilla Ultima Truck appeared on the LOVE Park and City Hall Courtyard schedules this summer. Earlier this year, I spotted this truck in Pennsport, where it had been making occasional appearances. Recently, it expanded its schedule to now include weekly stops in Center City. It was worth the wait.
In its most basic description, Guerrilla is a barbecue truck, but that’s too simplistic to describe what it does. Guerrilla takes basic America barbecue, like pork or chicken, and integrates different cooking styles, such as Asian and Latin flavors.
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Ewe Should Eat this Lamb Sandwich ASAP

Border Springs Farm opened their lamb only stand a few weeks ago in the center of Reading Terminal. Their unnamed sandwich has gotten some recent attention (they can’t call it a gyro because of the limit on gyro stands in RT).

I wasn’t all revved up at the idea of  an undercover gyro, instead I picked something else off the sandwich menu and it ended up being one of the best sandwiches I have had recently.

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Lunch Links (The “Soy Sauce OD” Edition)

Photo Courtesy of Row Home Eats 

  • Dews Deli in South Philly has some surprise Lebanese food [Row Home Eats]
  • Taco Angeleno will bring tacos to West Philly [Under the Button]
  • Don’t eat too much soy sauce or you will have a coma [Huffington Post]
  • Cheu Noodle Bar did a lunch menu update [Meal Ticket]
  • A Q&A with the new Brazilian BBQ truck [Zagat]
  • Dim Sum Garden is moving! No more having to smell pee before you get your soup dumplings [Foobooz]
  • Fried chicken coming this fall to U City [The Insider]

Cafe Spice Still the Best Bet at Liberty Place

I found myself stuck in Liberty Place due to rain and needing something to eat. After surveying chains of the food court, I realized that Cafe Spice, still seemed like the best option.

I enjoyed their greasy Indian appetizers and chicken tikka 3 years ago (wow, time flies) and was happy to see it still sticking around Liberty Place.

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Beyond Spicy Tuna: A Signature Sushi Roll for Lunch at Chinamoto

Philly has numerous sushi spots with identical lunch specials, 3 rolls and a miso soup for around $11 (or 2 rolls for $8). It is a fine lunch; fast, pretty healthy, and salty. The problem is that the rolls they let you choose from are the boring ones. You know, the veggie ones, california rolls, or what I go for- the simple spicy tuna. Sometimes, though, you just to indulge in one of those fully loaded, crazy rolls that are served at dinner, but  at a lunch time price.

Chinamoto recently opened by Tashan on Broad Street two months ago. The space has a modern, trendy ambiance. There is a sushi bar, which is a big part of the menu, but Thai and Chinese plates are also available during lunch. And along with the 3 roll for $11 deal, are a few dinner menu style signature sushi rolls.   Read more »