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Is a Bareburger a Good Thing?

5 Guys did a stellar job providing burgers on the cheap for the Market East area. When it closed, another burger spot, the semi chain Bareburger,  stepped in to ensure burger cravings would still be taken care of. Unlike 5 Guys, burgers are all over $10 (except the bean burger but that doesn’t count). This made me skeptical. In exchange for your money, Bareburger provides free-range, organic meat of various animals.

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Stuffed with Burgers and Mushroom Patties at Good Stuff Eatery

Spike Mendelsohn’s DC burger chain opened in Philly last week. I don’t know many places whose decor sense can be described as “cocky,” but this is definitely one of them. Besides the narcissistic tshirts and wall art, the next thing I noticed was the confusion around the register. We were not sure where to go to order our food at first. I can say that our food was ready quickly, signaled by out vibrating buzzer a la Shake Shack. It is hard not to compare everything Good Stuff does to Shake Shack since they are very similar in what they offer and how they offer it.

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Organic Fast Food Suburbian Burgers at Elevation Burger

While seeking a snack in the suburbs (Ardmore, apparently? I am horrible with knowing where I am outside the city limits), we stopped at Elevation Burger for something fast and easy. Burgers here are super customizable and better ingredients are emphasized (organic, grass-fed, free-range, no-trans-fat, environmentally sustainable), but still pretty cheap.

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Unexpected Fusion BBQ from the Guerrilla Ultima Truck

Today, Luncher John is eating giant portable BBQ.

I was very excited when the Guerrilla Ultima Truck appeared on the LOVE Park and City Hall Courtyard schedules this summer. Earlier this year, I spotted this truck in Pennsport, where it had been making occasional appearances. Recently, it expanded its schedule to now include weekly stops in Center City. It was worth the wait.
In its most basic description, Guerrilla is a barbecue truck, but that’s too simplistic to describe what it does. Guerrilla takes basic America barbecue, like pork or chicken, and integrates different cooking styles, such as Asian and Latin flavors.
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The New Power Lunch Launches at Pennsylvania 6

Last month Pennsylvania 6 took over the bi-level space on 12th street left vacant for quite some time, but formerly occupied by Tweed.  I was recently invited to try their  lunch menu, which just launched. Its an upscale menu that looks the part for a modern power lunch. Expect a raw bar and seafood, sandwiches, and a few classic American plates.

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Burgers at Miles Table, Half Off on Wednesdays

Miles Table opened a few months ago on 16th and South, with the goal of being accepted as a neighborhood spot with its self proclaimed “where the neighborhood eats” slogan.

As for the menu, you are looking at  breakfast served all day, sandwiches, salads, pizza. Recently, Foobooz spread the word that on Wednesdays, Miles does a 1/2 off burger deal. Seemed like the right incentive  to get me over there.  Order at the counter and your meal is brought to you. Outdoor seating is available and it is BYOB.

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Finally Getting to Know the Burgers and Green Beans from Grace Tavern

It’s Passover right now, which means bread/pasta/ and many other beloved carbs are off the table for me. Why do I do it, as an essentially non religious Jew? Habit mostly, and also to test my will power for a week. Anyway, it means that there are not too many good lunch options for me this week. This weekend, when I was checking out Igloo, I made sure to carbo load. I was able to accomplish this at Grace Tavern, right next to Igloo.

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