Finally Getting to Know the Burgers and Green Beans from Grace Tavern

It’s Passover right now, which means bread/pasta/ and many other beloved carbs are off the table for me. Why do I do it, as an essentially non religious Jew? Habit mostly, and also to test my will power for a week. Anyway, it means that there are not too many good lunch options for me this week. This weekend, when I was checking out Igloo, I made sure to carbo load. I was able to accomplish this at Grace Tavern, right next to Igloo.

The blackened green beans, an order I was totally by everyone not to miss, are on the boarder of kosher for Passover- some get down with the beans and legumes, others don’t. A basket ($6) comes out with hot green beans, blackened with seasoning to a degree I have never seen. The caper mayo was excellent. While I wouldn’t say I will replace fries with green beans on a regular basis, I liked that this simple dish was inspiring. It got me thinking about how I can amp up my green beans at home.

This is what your fingers look like after eating Grace Tavern green beans.

Burgers are all $8.75 and come with crispy double fried fries, a very fair price…

Especially considering they get your preferred temperature right. My medium Kelly burger was medium, and the medium rare South Street burger (below) was noticeably pinker inside.

On my Kelly burger, the cheddar and bacon didn’t overwhelm the burger, which is what I was going for. The South Street had a very generous helping of bleu cheese. Even though the menu is small there manages to be a burger for everyone at Grace Tavern, including a vegan one.  The same goes for the small but varied tap list, there is always a beer for your taste available to go with your burger.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Small, but varied menu with reasonable prices
  • Properly cooked burgers

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • I would rather not eat in a bar setting

Grace Tavern, 2229 Gray’s Ferry Ave, 215-893-9580


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