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Dumpling House Has A Solid $8 Lunch Special

Some days you just need some greasy Americanized Chinese food with a heaping side of rice, am I right? This happened to me the other day and while mentally going through my catalogue of nearby places to procure some sauced meat I remembered Dumpling House, which is easy to forget since it’s in that weird one-block alley between Maiden Lane & Liberty St. I’d been there once after it replaced Win Won, and appalled at the crappy and expensive dumplings I got, although I shouldn’t have been surprised. This time I did as everyone else who goes here does and got the $8 lunch special that includes a protein, rice and soup or a drink.

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RIP Goodies, Hello Asian Wok

The gates were down at Goodies on Fulton St. (at Gold) and I wasn’t exactly reassured by a sign in the window saying they would reopen soon. In a good news, bad news situation, Goodies has indeed bitten the dust, taking its menu of things you might expect to find in Chinatown and not the Financial District with it. Lunch’er Seaweed noted that signage had gone up for its replacement called Asian Wok. During a walk by today, it didn’t appear they were actually open, but a new menu was hanging in the window and as I feared it’s full of the usual Americanized Chinese suspects without any dim sum selections in sight. I guess it’s the only Chinese food option in that area if you don’t want to walk up to Yip’s on William St. This is one of the sadder closings in recent memory and I guess there will have to be more treks up to Chinatown now.

Introduce Yourself To Yunnan Food With The Buns At Lotus Blue

There are two new restaurants in the city serving food from the Yunnan region of China, and one of them happens to be in Tribeca. Lotus Blue opened on Reade St. (at W. Broadway) to little fanfare and I initially dismissed it because there wasn’t anything on the dinner menu for $10 or less. When I looked at the lunch menu, though, I was happy to see three items within our cheap budget including a smoked tofu with rice dish and two different kinds of buns. The latter sounded the most intriguing and I think you’ll want to check these out if you work nearby.

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You Have To Hunt Down Au Mandarin’s Lunch Special, But It’s Worth It

au mandarin

I can’t remember the last time I got a lunch for less than $10 from a place where the greeters wear suits. Au Mandarin in the World Financial Center is a hybrid of classy Chinese food being served to finance workers in a food court. If you look at the signboard in front of the restaurant, you’ll notice a piece of paper announcing an $8.95 lunch special which seems like a good deal since everything on the menu is more than $10. The catch is there’s only one dish for the special every day and you have to go around the corner to the cheapskate’s entrance to get it from a lady at a steam table. Read more »

Chinese Mirch Truck Brings Momo To The Masses

Have you ever thought, “I could really go for some momo for lunch today,” but instead had to settle for potstickers or some other substitute? If you work downtown, there really aren’t many non-Chinese or Japanese dumpling options but with Chinese Mirch’s new truck, that’s changed. The menu is pretty limited to either chicken or vegetable momo, plain ($4), over rice or in a stew called thukpa, or a trio of duck bao (all $8). Being something of a dumpling freak I opted for the vegetable momo rice bowl with spicy Manchurian sauce. The twist with the truck is it was served over basmati rice for an Indian twist and the momo and thukpa are more of Tibetan staples than Chinese. Regardless, my lunch from Chinese Mirch was so good I didn’t even apologize for stinking up my office with it.

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Deli Turned Chinese Restaurant Sunny One Has A Generous Lunch Special

Tribeca isn’t exactly teeming with crappy Chinese takeout restaurants, although if you want a slightly alarming by-the-pound buffet experience, that can be had. A generic deli on Chambers St. (btw. Broadway & Church) with a buffet morphed into Sunny One restaurant recently and a look at their menu showed that they have a pretty sweet lunch special for $6. You not only get to choose from a wide array of Americanized Chinese dishes, but you get rice (fried or plain), and your choice of soup or a soda. Another bonus is it’s not scooped off a steam table, but made to order. I was sold. Read more »

Dim Sum Go Go: A Jury Duty Lunch For When You’re Feeling Flush

A while ago one of my friends persuaded me to eat at Dim Sum Go Go on E. Broadway (at Chatham Sq.), and it wasn’t bad. No, you don’t get the charm of the carts going by, but if you’re looking for a somewhat quick dim sum lunch near City Hall and the government buildings and courthouses it’s a good option. While there I noticed they had a 10-piece dim sum platter on the lunch menu for precisely $10 and decided to go back and see if it was worth bypassing the cheaper options in Chinatown.

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