RIP Goodies, Hello Asian Wok

The gates were down at Goodies on Fulton St. (at Gold) and I wasn’t exactly reassured by a sign in the window saying they would reopen soon. In a good news, bad news situation, Goodies has indeed bitten the dust, taking its menu of things you might expect to find in Chinatown and not the Financial District with it. Lunch’er Seaweed noted that signage had gone up for its replacement called Asian Wok. During a walk by today, it didn’t appear they were actually open, but a new menu was hanging in the window and as I feared it’s full of the usual Americanized Chinese suspects without any dim sum selections in sight. I guess it’s the only Chinese food option in that area if you don’t want to walk up to Yip’s on William St. This is one of the sadder closings in recent memory and I guess there will have to be more treks up to Chinatown now.



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    Good riddance to Goodies. They had a terrible reputation in the neighborhood and it was some of the worst Chinese food I’ve ever eaten. Hopefully Asian Wok will be an improvement (it couldn’t possibly be any worse).

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    Had the shredded beef today which I enjoyed but the rice I didn’t care for the fried rice, next time I’ll stick to white rice.

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