Chinese Mirch Truck Brings Momo To The Masses

Have you ever thought, “I could really go for some momo for lunch today,” but instead had to settle for potstickers or some other substitute? If you work downtown, there really aren’t many non-Chinese or Japanese dumpling options but with Chinese Mirch’s new truck, that’s changed. The menu is pretty limited to either chicken or vegetable momo, plain ($4), over rice or in a stew called thukpa, or a trio of duck bao (all $8). Being something of a dumpling freak I opted for the vegetable momo rice bowl with spicy Manchurian sauce. The twist with the truck is it was served over basmati rice for an Indian twist and the momo and thukpa are more of Tibetan staples than Chinese. Regardless, my lunch from Chinese Mirch was so good I didn’t even apologize for stinking up my office with it.

The short menu makes ordering easy and I got to the truck at the optimal time when I didn’t have to wait long for my rice bowl. The difference between the two sauces is that the Manchurian is spicy.

The container had five green-hued veg momo over some vegetables including cabbage, peas, cilantro and carrots, with the spicy and garlicky sauce dumped over all of it and soaking into the rice. The momo contained potato, and a smattering of peas and (I think) cabbage. Basically the flavors were overwhelmed by the Manchurian sauce, but I’m not complaining.

I really liked the flavors of this rice bowl and the fact that I didn’t feel totally gross after eating it. I will always eat my vegetables if they’re wrapped in a dumpling skin, placed over rice, and covered in sauce.

The truck has been parking in the FiDi on Mondays and I tried them at the Lent Space lot in Soho, so keep tabs on our Twitter Tracker posts before lunch to see where they are.

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  • Hard to tell the size of this from the photo. Would this be enough to fill me up for lunch or would I need something more in addition. My gut says, probably too light for me.

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      It’s in a standard rectangular takeout container. I thought this was a lot of food, as there’s a thick layer of rice underneath and they packed it to the brim. Plus, you have double carbs.The duck bao probably wouldn’t be filling enough.

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    Oh great. Because the weather is so sloppy, I opted to work from home today … in my finest business attire, of course. And I figured some leftover homemade cheese enchiladas and a chilly beer from my fridge would make a nice cozy lunch. No need trudge around in the cold, messy streets, I thought.

    But no. I had to read this post. And dressed I got and down the street I did trudge. Yum! Totally worth it.

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    Of course I had a beer! Silly!

  • Nice.. will def check this out. Used to work by the Murray Hill location, aeons ago.

  • The restaurant used to have very good lunch specials for less than $8 if I recall correctly. Momos on rice doesn’t sound as appealing.

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