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Like Lamb? Chinese Mirch’s Keema Momo Should Be On Your Radar

You don’t often see lamb dumplings around these parts, especially without traveling to Queens or some outer borough where such things are more easily found. The Chinese Mirch Truck was parked nearby the other day and I saw that they’ve added the lamb keema momo to the menu regularly rather than having them as an occasional special. Although I’d already gotten lunch, there’s always room in my stomach for dumplings.

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Chinese Mirch Truck Brings Momo To The Masses

Have you ever thought, “I could really go for some momo for lunch today,” but instead had to settle for potstickers or some other substitute? If you work downtown, there really aren’t many non-Chinese or Japanese dumpling options but with Chinese Mirch’s new truck, that’s changed. The menu is pretty limited to either chicken or vegetable momo, plain ($4), over rice or in a stew called thukpa, or a trio of duck bao (all $8). Being something of a dumpling freak I opted for the vegetable momo rice bowl with spicy Manchurian sauce. The twist with the truck is it was served over basmati rice for an Indian twist and the momo and thukpa are more of Tibetan staples than Chinese. Regardless, my lunch from Chinese Mirch was so good I didn’t even apologize for stinking up my office with it.

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Chinese Mirch Plans To Debut Downtown…Soon

chinese mirch truck

If you were at the Choice Eats food truck event last night, there was a new truck there from the owners of Chinese & Indian food mash-up Chinese Mirch which is a chain that has a location in Murray Hill. According to ML contributor Brian who was there (and snapped the above picture), they’re planning to park at Wall & Water but it’s best to check our Twitter Tracker post later this morning before heading out. Update: It looks like truck maintenance is keeping them off the road today, but they’ll be out tomorrow. Keep an eye on this site for location.

No word on what the truck’s full menu has yet, but Brian checked out some Tibetan momo with chili sauce. If any of you check it out today, feel free to leave impressions in the comments or send us your first impressions.

Chinese Mirch Truck, on Twitter