Like Lamb? Chinese Mirch’s Keema Momo Should Be On Your Radar

You don’t often see lamb dumplings around these parts, especially without traveling to Queens or some outer borough where such things are more easily found. The Chinese Mirch Truck was parked nearby the other day and I saw that they’ve added the lamb keema momo to the menu regularly rather than having them as an occasional special. Although I’d already gotten lunch, there’s always room in my stomach for dumplings.

You can get the lamb momo as part of a rice bowl or in the stew called thukpa, but as it was hot and humid out I just ordered the dumplings alone for $5 with some hot sauce on the side. If you’re hungry, getting these as part of a meal is definitely a better idea as they’re not all that large and you’re paying $1 per dumpling, but they were so intensely lamby that I didn’t care much.

They were steamed rather than pan fried, and only one was slightly browned on one side, but there’s a generous ball of meat in there that hit the spot even on a summer day.

If you like lamb, this is a nice option since usually you only find it in the form of a sandwich, burger or the odd cart that serves the real thing rather than gyro. The truck’s been parking in the Financial District on Mondays and one day a week at the Lent Space lot, but check the ML Downtown Twitter Tracker for their location.

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