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Downtown Links (The “See You For More Lunch’ing In 2013″ Edition)

RIP Coluck’s challenging spaghetti. Via FitR.

Stick To The Seafood At The Fishing Shrimp Truck

fishing shrimp truck

I’ve had my eye on the Fishing Shrimp truck, which has shown up in Midtown and also one day a week in Soho while otherwise parking in Brooklyn and other parts of Manhattan. The truck’s premise is simple – fry a couple of types of seafood and serve them in a basket or sandwich, with fries if you choose. It’s nice that they didn’t try to throw in some other influence (cough, cough, Korean food) as many trucks do to varied success. But if you’re only serving fried seafood, you’d better do it well.

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On Your Thursday Twitter Tracker…: Hibachi Heaven's at Hudson & King, Comme Ci Comme Ca's at Varick & King, Kimchi Taco's at Varick & Vandam and Sweetery's at Hudson & King. Farther downtown, Palenque's at Wall & Pearl, Toum's at Wall & Water, the Toast Monster cart's at Maiden Lane & Water, and the WFC lot has Souvlaki GR, Taim, Milk Truck and Frites N Meats.

New Downtown Go Go Curry Location Not Exactly By The WFC

Tip of the hat to luncher Daniel who tipped us off to the announcement of the where the exact location of the third NYC installment of Go Go Curry will be. An initial blast on the restaurant’s Facebook page said it would be near the World Financial Center, but a post on their blog tells a different story.

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Luckyim Thai Is A Welcome Addition To The Broadway & Liberty Carts

There haven’t been many new interesting additions to the cart scene at Broadway between Liberty and Cedar streets lately. Last week Lunch’er Jeff wrote in to say that a new option serving Thai food had appeared next to the A-Pou’s Taste cart. A Thai food cart?! I’m on board with any cart offering food that’s more exciting than halal street meat.

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Vegan Food’s On Wall St.: Cinnamon Snail is downtown for the second day in a row, at Wall & Water. Elsewhere on the Twitter Tracker, the WFC lot has Eddie's Pizza, Palenque and Phil's Steaks and Korilla's at Varick & Vandam.

PROFILE: Downtown Lunch’er “Emi”

As is customary here on Midtown Lunch: Downtown, every Tuesday we’ll profile a different lunch’er and get their recommendations for places to eat in Downtown NYC. This week, we have Emi who loves Japanese dumplings, but shuns gray meat. And she needs your help finding good sushi.

Name: Emi

Occupation: Business manager

Where you work: Greenwich & N. Moore streets

Age: 31

Favorite kinds of food: Gyoza (Japanese pork dumplings), ramen, french fries, hamachi kama, dolsot bibimbap, boquerones in vinegar, a good almond croissant, Liberte coconut yogurt

Least favorite foods: Tough, over-cooked meat; overly fatty cuts of meat (except when it comes to pork…bring it).

Favorite lunches downtown: Nyonya on Grand St. (btw. Mulberry & Mott) for Hainese chicken (white meat only, otherwise you’ll have to deal with chopped up bones) with chicken broth rice; XO Kitchen on Hester (at Elizabeth) for baked grouper over rice with cheese or preserved duck egg with lean pork congee; Grandaisy on W. Broadway (at 6th Ave.) for citrus almond cake and cherry frangipane tart (they don’t always have it) for an afternoon snack.

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