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Moo Shu Grill Replaces Fishing Shrimp

We haven’t seen the Fishing Shrimp truck around in Midtown for a while and now we get word from Twitter that they have called it quits due to raising seafood costs. But they will still be available for catering and pop-up possibilities. The company (which also runs the Bian Dang and Domo Taco trucks) quietly launched a new food truck this week and it’s called Moo Shu Grill, serving lo mein and moo shu wraps. They tweeted that they’ll be coming to Midtown today for the first time, parking on 38th and Broadway. If anybody tries them out, please leave feedback in the comments.

The New Fishing Shrimp Truck is Back in Midtown Today

A few weeks ago, the Fishing Shrimp truck parked in Midtown for the first time, serving a menu of various basic fried seafood treats. And it looks like they’re committed to coming back at least once a week.  There was some speculation from commenters as to whether or not the $7 fish n’ chips could possibly be any good…so of course I went to investigate.

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The New Fishing Shrimp Truck Trying Out Midtown

A new seafood truck popped up in Midtown yesterday called the Fishing Shrimp truck. They are serving various iterations of basic fried seafood dishes like Fish & Chips, Shrimp baskets, and combo platters out of a cutesy blue fishy themed truck. While it’s unclear if they will be parking in midtown on a regular basis (as always, keep an eye on the Twitter Tracker), there seemed to be a steady stream of people checking it out at its 48th + Park location. A look at the menu is after the jump…

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