The New Fishing Shrimp Truck is Back in Midtown Today

A few weeks ago, the Fishing Shrimp truck parked in Midtown for the first time, serving a menu of various basic fried seafood treats. And it looks like they’re committed to coming back at least once a week. ┬áThere was some speculation from commenters as to whether or not the $7 fish n’ chips could possibly be any good…so of course I went to investigate.

For $7 you get a hefty portion of fried white fish (about 4 decent-sized filets), and I can confirm that the “chips” are indeed french fries… but if you’re expecting an English style fish and chips you might be disappointed. The fish was flaky, moist, and battered with a surprisingly light batter, not the heavy, thick coating you usually see with fish n’ chips. In the forums, there was some mention of the breading being a little too salty, but I actually found it perfectly seasoned. It also wasn’t as greasy as I would’ve expected, which was very much appreciated. The skin-on fries were actually crispy and delicious, despite their somewhat limp appearance in the photo.

I’m curious to try some of their other offerings, particularly the shrimp basket and the ($15!) Bahamanian Cracked Conch. Hopefully this truck will put midtown in its regular rotation, as decent deep fried seafood is always a welcome addition to the neighborhood. According to Twitter they are supposed to be back in Midtown East today, somewhere around Park Ave., but as always, check the ML Twitter Tracker before you head out.

Fishing Shrimp Truck, 48th + Park Ave


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    they had no more fish tacos and cole slaw. the fries were also very chewy (obviously sitting out too long).
    fish was decent though.

    2 out of 5 stars

  • I’m constantly looking for seafood in midtown. The price seems right at the Fishing Shrimp Truck, even if the food doesn’t get the greatest reviews. I’m willing to try it out!

  • IT’s worth it. I had it yesterday and am pleased!

  • I tried this place recently. I got to try both the whiting and the fried shrimp. The whiting was mediocre. I think the batter is a little doughey and it makes the fish heavier and less crispy than it should be. It’s not as good as Kim’s Aunt.

    The fried shrimp was excellent. The grease might have broken through the batter more and it was very enjoyable. This place is worth a try if you like fish, but I’m still going to Kim’s Aunt on Good Friday.

  • I tried this place just now. I did not like the taste of the fish, to me its just a notch above mcdonalds fish. The french fries look nothing like the fries in the picture. After eating the fish my stomach is feeling a little sick from all the grease I just ingested. I do not think I will be coming back here.

  • Also for the price (I paid 13 dollars for 6-7 pieces of fish and for fries), I do not feel its worth the cost in regards to the quality/price ratio. I feel its overpriced.

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