The New Fishing Shrimp Truck Trying Out Midtown

A new seafood truck popped up in Midtown yesterday called the Fishing Shrimp truck. They are serving various iterations of basic fried seafood dishes like Fish & Chips, Shrimp baskets, and combo platters out of a cutesy blue fishy themed truck. While it’s unclear if they will be parking in midtown on a regular basis (as always, keep an eye on the Twitter Tracker), there seemed to be a steady stream of people checking it out at its 48th + Park location. A look at the menu is after the jump…


  • If they can do an honest fish and chip basket for 7 bucks I will give them a try. Everywhere I’ve seen fish and chips, in the midtown generic Irish pubs, it exceeds the 10 buck limit (12-16?) yet I have a soft spot for battered and fried cod slathered in tartar sauce and malt vinegar.

    • If the “chips” in question are what the English call chips, and not “crisps”, $7 seems like a steal. It’s tough enough to find a chip shop in England that sells fish & chips for the equivalent.

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    I doubt parking in front of a fire hydrant will endear them to the local cops. Are they planning on adding fish tacos?

  • Their website is a “coming soon.”

    Cool web presence and posted schedule bro, do it again

  • Oh yes! I love seafood! If they served ceviche, I’d try it.

  • Proper British fish and chips in Midtown might be a big problem for me. I’m having a hard enough time cutting back my BonChon intake.

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    I tried them out when they were in Flatiron last week. Not bad. The breading was interesting – I’m no fish and chips expert, but I usually like a crispier breading. The chips are indeed french fries and they were okay.

    Friendly people working the truck – when a few of us were waiting for our orders, they fried up an order of shrimp for us to pass around to sample.

  • I’m pretty excited to give them a try! The price sounds right and the food sounds pretty good! Hope they live up to my expectations… and the hype! If they play their cards right, it could become my new favorite spot for lunch!

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