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zOMG Look Who I Found Back in Midtown

I don’t remember the last time I saw Domo Taco in my part of town, but look! I walked past it on Thursday of last week at 53rd and Park. Looks like they’ve shaken their menu up a bit too! Anyone been recently?

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Domo Arigato for Domo Taco’s Take on Asian Tacos

I’ve been slowly making my way through the entire Luck Mgmt empire (aka Bian Dang’s fellow trucks), and Domo Taco was long overdue (I know, Fun Buns, I’m coming for you…). When I saw they were parked at 52nd/6th, I headed over and reluctantly waited in line… except there was no line, it was just people who had already ordered standing around in the way. People, let this be a public service announcement: once you’ve placed your order, step to one side and don’t block people trying to order. I promise you no one will steal your food if you let other people order, plus: if your crowding around the truck discourages people from ordering, your favorite truck may just not get enough customers and then close and then you have screwed yourself out of great lunch.


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Domo Taco Adds to their Frankenmex Selection

After taking a comment walloping in my overuse of “authentic” (which, after hopeful negotiations, I will replace with proper qualifiers of opinion/experience as applicable from here on out) in a review of Taco Bite’s Mexican fare (which is authentic in my opinion – is that better?) I figure I may as well stick to things that by definition defy authenticity to avoid the verbo-sociological pitfalls therein. Hence, when Domo Taco, which I liked but other contributors, not so much, announced on their Twitter feed that they were bringing in kimchi tempura tacos, I could think of no better opportunity to continue down the great altar of Comida Mexicano-japonésa at their latest visit to 38th and Broadway. This time, Taco Bite wasn’t there to cause a block war to break out. Are we looking at a new paradigm of fusion (“Sure, guys, let’s go for four distinct nationalities – Japanese, Mexican, Middle Eastern, and Korean”) or a mad scientist’s cobbled-together nightmare?

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I Want Domo Taco Truck To Be Better Than It Is

When I saw Lunch’er Mike’s report last month that the Domo Taco truck improved, I was stoked. Back in February, Brian wasn’t such a fan, which was disappointing for a Japanese food fan like myself.  But sometimes it takes a minute for a new establishment to get into a groove. When the truck hit up Midtown the other day, I was looking forward to give the truck a shot. Turns out my excitement may have been premature.
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Lunch’er Mike Reports: Has Domo Taco Gotten Better?

Back in February our man Brian Hoffman tried out the Domo Taco Truck and was less then impressed, but according to Lunch’er “Mike” they may have improved.  He submitted this report last week…

Stop the presses, pull out the stops, press the stoppers – the mid-30s have been blessed with a roving truck visit! Domo Taco, a newcomer, came around [last Tuesday]. After I saw how tacos and an order of nacho tots failed to overwhelm I was a bit skittish. I resolved to give them a shot and if it came down to it, to hold the crema.  There was zilch of a line. I was disappointed at this – am I the only one on West 37th who realizes how rare a proper truck visit is?! Coolhaus and Taim are as close as we can get, and even then they’re usually more towards Bryant Park. I mean, yay for no wait, but boo for nobody taking advantage. Here’s hoping I was just on the late side to lunch.

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The Domo Taco Truck Has Nacho Tots!?

We’ve been tracking the Domo Taco Truck since they tweeted that they were attempting to settle down in Midtown a few weeks ago. I’ve been excited by the prospect of inventive new tacos that were for once not specifically Korean-themed. These tacos seem to be influenced by different Asian cuisines (mainly Japanese, but Chinese and Filipino too). If it’s worked for Korean food, why not expand the options, right?

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Domo Taco Truck, Where Did You Go?

We got a tip from winedanddined last week with a photo of a mysterious new truck called Domo Taco. According to Twitter, they were trying to set up shop on Friday at 55th and Park but for some reason were forced to leave and promised to tweet when they found a new spot, but there has been radio silence ever since. From what I can gather on their Facebook page, they’re thankfully not serving the now overplayed Korean tacos, but instead turning to Japanese flavors for tortilla inspiration. An order of tater tots topped with bonito flakes and other goodies sounds amazing. Has anybody tried this truck yet? And let’s all bother them on Twitter or Facebook and convince them to give Midtown another try.