Domo Taco Truck, Where Did You Go?

We got a tip from winedanddined last week with a photo of a mysterious new truck called Domo Taco. According to Twitter, they were trying to set up shop on Friday at 55th and Park but for some reason were forced to leave and promised to tweet when they found a new spot, but there has been radio silence ever since. From what I can gather on their Facebook page, they’re thankfully not serving the now overplayed Korean tacos, but instead turning to Japanese flavors for tortilla inspiration. An order of tater tots topped with bonito flakes and other goodies sounds amazing. Has anybody tried this truck yet? And let’s all bother them on Twitter or Facebook and convince them to give Midtown another try.


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    The truck is on Park Ave btwn 31st and 30th right now!
    Next to another taco truck called Mike N Willies that I just had for lunch. Beef short rib taco and a fish taco. Both were really tasty.

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    Yup, Park Ave. I saw them driving around during my walk into work this morning and gave them a shot at lunch. Nice employee, decent tacos, three for $8. The Kare beef taco was the standout in my mixed taco order. Alas, it’s the usual tiny taco syndrome and left me hungry.

    It seems that most trucks these days seem to lean heavily on the “let’s shrink the main course and the customer will drop $3-5 on another side order” philosophy. Good luck with that.

  • Just spotted them on Park south of 53rd

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    Saw them on Park Ave today. Between 52nd and 53rd.

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