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Fun Buns Sandwiches Are More Filling, But the Beef Bao is the Way to Go

I finally made it back to Fun Buns NYC to check out the baguette. After enjoying a trio of buns recently, I wanted to see if the expanded menu, which now includes sandwiches, is as good. Also, I gave the beef bao a second shot, and — spoiler alert — boy am I glad I did! But first, the sandwich.
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Fun Buns NYC Returns to Midtown With An Updated Menu

Fun Buns returned to Midtown earlier this month with an updated menu that not only tweaked their signature food, but also added baguette sandwiches to the mix. This is exciting for Fun Bun fans who won’t fill up on just the tiny buns, themselves. However, having not had the opportunity to try Fun Buns last year, I stuck with their bread and butter: three buns for $9, which allowed me to taste more flavors.
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Spicy Beef Shank Are the Winner at the Fun Buns Cart

The Bian Dang Taiwanese food truck’s spinoff, Fun Buns cart, has been parking in Midtown more often lately. They’ve been attracting the attention of Downtown lunchers, and Brian wrote a post about the Taiwanese style buns a few months ago. I kept seeing them pop up on Twitter in that same spot on 48th btw 6th and 7th on a Friday and then again on a Monday (although I later found out Monday is usually at 46th and Park). I was hoping to try the lemongrass chicken that wasn’t available before would be there so I could give it a try, and to see if anything else was new. Here’s what I found out.

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Bian Dang’s Fun Buns Cart Now Offers Three Types of Buns

Last month, Andrea reported about an offshoot of the Bian Dang truck called Fun Buns NYC downtown that was serving one thing and one thing only: steamed pork buns. The cart (which has a similar colored design to the Mama Truck) has since spread their wings a bit and they now move around they city. They’ve also added two other types of buns to their menu.

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Bian Dang’s Fun Buns Cart is in Midtown Today: Just a little FYI in case you missed it on the ML Twitter Tracker this morning... Fun Buns NYC, Bian Dang's new pork belly cart side project, is parked on 48th btw. 6+7th today.  You can read all about it on the Downtown section of Midtown Lunch.