Bian Dang’s Fun Buns Cart is in Midtown Today

Just a little FYI in case you missed it on the ML Twitter Tracker this morning… Fun Buns NYC, Bian Dang’s new pork belly cart side project, is parked on 48th btw. 6+7th today. ¬†You can read all about it on the Downtown section of Midtown Lunch.


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    I tried it today. I got the $10 combo. You get 3 buns with chips and a drink.

    They have either Pork or Beef buns and for chips they have shrimp flavored twists or salt and vinegar “cracklings:.

    First the beef bun: The beef was overpowered by the star anise and 5 spice. Bun was completely soaked by the juice of the meat and fell apart. Would not try again.

    The Pork bun: Pork was tender, but a bit dry, lacking a bit in flavor. I might try again.

    Too bad they can’t take some of the extra flavor of the beef and apply it to the pork.

    Best thing I had were the salt and vinegar cracklings (they are not pork skin, they are some sort of wheat puff). They are awesome.

    Not the biggest meal either. Not sure if I would go back.

    I think I prefere their fried chicken with rice and pork sauce much better (and $3 cheaper).


  • i tried it also. but i only got one, pork belly, just to see how it is. at $3, this is really pricey, but one must also consider this is midtown. It was also on the small-ish side.

    with that said, i really liked it. i didnt find it to by dry as Joe mentioned. plenty of pork fat and flavored just right. i do wish the actual bun part were a bit bigger, so i could fold it over and eat it like a sandwich (it is also called a “taiwanese hamburger”). So i ended up eating it like a pizza. it was delicious and the pork fat just melted in my mouth. i would go back…but only for as a snack…or if i’m feeling spendy.

    just for full disclosure, i am taiwanese, so i am a little biased. a little.

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    You must have gotten a better piece, because there was no fat at all on mine, just a solid chunk of meat.

    Plus, I had no trouble folding over the bun (like a taco). They must have given you more than me and you thought it was small.

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