Fun Buns NYC Returns to Midtown With An Updated Menu

Fun Buns returned to Midtown earlier this month with an updated menu that not only tweaked their signature food, but also added baguette sandwiches to the mix. This is exciting for Fun Bun fans who won’t fill up on just the tiny buns, themselves. However, having not had the opportunity to try Fun Buns last year, I stuck with their bread and butter: three buns for $9, which allowed me to taste more flavors.

After reading such good things about the beef shank, I was a bit disappointed due to inconsistencies in the meat. I got everything from fatty to dry beef in my bun, although, I have to say it was very tasty. If you’re a fan of five spice, you’ll love these. All the buns I tried came with the same accompaniments — picked greens, daikon and carrots, and crushed peanuts. I think I’d give the beef another shot, on the off change that I caught them on a bad day, because if the meat had been more consistent, the beef would have been the clear winner.

While on line, I heard someone in front of me order chicken, and the woman in the cart mentioned two different kinds — the chicken curry (which is on the menu) and garlic soy chicken (which is not). Well, hello! So, clearly I also ordered chicken — both kinds, actually. While not too garlicy, the shredded garlic soy chicken was the most subtle in flavor of the buns I tried, and it made me wonder how close it is to the braised chicken they used to have.

Enter the curry chicken. The curry was more sweet than spicy, almost like a chicken satay. Next time I’m there, this is the one I try as a sandwich, although I really like the pillowy buns in which the bao are served.

Of course, the familiar sadness that the buns are not a substantial lunch is still an issue, even though they do pack a lot of filling into those little pockets. Luckily, the new sandwich offering, which comes in at $8, not only solves that problem, but is also less money. Has anyone tried Fun Buns’ baguette yet? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!

Fun Buns has been in Midtown a lot lately, especially on 48th street between 6th and 7th, but be sure to check their twitter handle before trying to find them in this heat.


  • I….

    Ah, it’s too soon for that again

  • I tried it the other day . Boy they have to speed it up. This is NYC! It took them about 15 minutes to get one bun to me. The line was crazy, and everyone was getting agitated.
    I was watching the one guy assembling the buns and he honestly was working in slow motion.

    I tried the pork belly one, and it was almost completely fat. Soggy fat, not even fried delicious fat.

    And it was $3. Guys, this ain’t MOMOFUKU! Lower your prices. It is a slow cart serving fatty pork belly.

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