New Downtown Go Go Curry Location Not Exactly By The WFC

Tip of the hat to luncher Daniel who tipped us off to the announcement of the where the exact location of the third NYC installment of Go Go Curry will be. An initial blast on the restaurant’s Facebook page said it would be near the World Financial Center, but a post on their blog tells a different story.

The new restaurant will be at 12 John St., which is between Broadway & Nassau on a block where a bunch of restaurants have suffered due to the never-ending construction of the Fulton St. transit center. It’s A Pizza shuttered, and the Roxy Coffee Shop always seems like it’s on the verge of closure. Now that some of the plywood and scaffolding is down from the transit center site, perhaps foot traffic will increase to the area, and I think the lure of huge plates of Japanese curry is enough for Go Go Curry to survive.


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