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Downtown Links (The “Meats And Bread” Edition)

Two fancy Italian meats, one tasty sandwich. Courtesy of Lunch Studio.

  • Yet another bakery serving lunch is opening in Soho. [Grub St.]
  • A new peel noodle shop has surfaced in Chinatown. [Fork in the Road]
  • Salume’s sandwiches are still killing it. [Lunch Studio]
  • Pret is currently invading Tribeca. [Tribeca Citizen]
  • Eating everything on the menu at Saigon Vietnamese Sandwich sounds deliciously hard. [Serious Eats NY]

It’s Official: Baoguette Is Moving Around The Corner

Last week word on the street was that Vietnamese sandwich shop Baoguette was moving into a location on Nassau St. between John & Fulton but it was unclear what would happen to their current location on Maiden Lane. That question was answered this morning as signs have appeared in the windows of both locations. As you can see above, some sandwich porn is all it takes to advertise what’s going into the former dry cleaning shop. Click through to see what the hastily-written (I hope) sign in the current location says.

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Eddie’s Pizza Times Two Today: It's Friday and that means the Eddie's Pizza truck is on Varick, or you can hit up their cart on Greenwich & Duane. Frites N Meats is on Water, Korilla BBQ is on Front, Sweetery is on Hudson, Souvlaki GR is at Old Slip and La Cense is on Wall according to the ML Downtown Twitter Tracker.

Thinking Outside The Bun With Luke’s Lobster’s Chowders

Summer is the ideal time to enjoy a lobster (or shrimp or crab) roll from Luke’s Lobster on S. William (at Broad) although really you can’t go wrong with one in the colder months either. No matter how much we try to deny it, freezing cold is on its way and with that comes soup weather. A little bit lost amid all of the seafood stuffed into hot dog rolls is the chowder and bisque section of Luke’s’ menu. It’s a good way to enjoy some seafood without breaking your lunch budget.

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The Pump Has Officially Morphed Into Dig Inn

I only ate at The Pump Energy Foods once out of curiousity while training for a marathon last year but never went back. It wasn’t terrible, it was just bland and unmemorable. The whole chain has now changed its name to Dig Inn Seasonal Market and new signage went up on the location at Pine & Pearl streets. They have a new menu designed by “a guy who beat Bobby Flay on Iron Chef America” as their Web site will remind you every chance they get. It also looks sort of bland and unmemorable, but if any of you think I should actually go check it out, let me know in the comments.

Free 7-Eleven Coffee Today: Freebie alert on the ML Downtown Twitter Tracker today...In honor of a day celebrating coffee, 7-Eleven is giving it away for free and there's a location at Church & Warren. Frying Dutchmen is on Varick, Red Hook Lobster is making a rare appearance on Front, La Cense is on Wall and Sweetery is on Hudson. Wafels & Dinges has a cart on Greenwich, and Rickshaw Dumplings is at Coenties Slip.

$1 Pizza Coming To Soho/Tribeca Border

Tip of the hat to Lunch’er Mike who sent in the above photo of the second downtown location of Roll & Go. The chain is bringing its $1 pizza to Canal & W. Broadway after opening a location in the lunch-barren area of Broadway & Franklin back in May, much to the glee of cheap lunch seekers and office workers. Their slices aren’t terrible and the price is right ($1, no tax!) so its a welcome addition to the area.