It’s Official: Baoguette Is Moving Around The Corner

Last week word on the street was that Vietnamese sandwich shop Baoguette was moving into a location on Nassau St. between John & Fulton but it was unclear what would happen to their current location on Maiden Lane. That question was answered this morning as signs have appeared in the windows of both locations. As you can see above, some sandwich porn is all it takes to advertise what’s going into the former dry cleaning shop. Click through to see what the hastily-written (I hope) sign in the current location says.

The gate was still partly down when I went by, but I’m going to fill in the blanks and say they’re going to be opening soon in the new space on Nassau. I’m not sure if that will be a bigger and better location, but I hope something good moves in here and the chainification of Maiden Lane doesn’t continue.


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