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A Walk Down Pearl St. Shows Lunch Gains And Losses


The restaurants on Pearl St. had a rough go of it after hurricane Sandy, but when I walked down the stretch between Broad St. & Maiden Lane yesterday it’s a bit of a mixed bag. Signage was up for a new lunch spot on Pearl at Cedar, but others are closed due to structural damage from the hurricane, or for more mysterious reasons.

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Dig Inn Has A $5 Friday Special

I wasn’t a huge fan of Dig Inn on Pine (at Pearl) when I ate lunch there after they morphed from The Pump, but I’m sure a fair amount of you eat there when you’re sick of street meat. The good news is that on Fridays you can get a $5 small build-your-own plate. That’s a dollar or two off the menu price, so at least you can spend roughly what you would at a cart and eat some vegetables at the same time.

Lunch At Dig Inn: A Glimpse Into The Lives Of How The Healthier Half Eats

A couple of weeks ago The Pump chain changed its name to Dig Inn and changed its menu after bringing a winner of Iron Chef America on board as its new chef. I had mentioned that I would go check out the new version if you lunchers wanted me to and after a couple of endorsements I decided to head over to the store on Pine (at Pearl) to see if healthy, protein-filled food could also be a Downtown Lunch.

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The Pump Has Officially Morphed Into Dig Inn

I only ate at The Pump Energy Foods once out of curiousity while training for a marathon last year but never went back. It wasn’t terrible, it was just bland and unmemorable. The whole chain has now changed its name to Dig Inn Seasonal MarketĀ and new signage went up on the location at Pine & Pearl streets. They have a new menu designed by “a guy who beat Bobby Flay on Iron Chef America” as their Web site will remind you every chance they get. It also looks sort of bland and unmemorable, but if any of you think I should actually go check it out, let me know in the comments.