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A Walk Down Pearl St. Shows Lunch Gains And Losses


The restaurants on Pearl St. had a rough go of it after hurricane Sandy, but when I walked down the stretch between Broad St. & Maiden Lane yesterday it’s a bit of a mixed bag. Signage was up for a new lunch spot on Pearl at Cedar, but others are closed due to structural damage from the hurricane, or for more mysterious reasons.

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FIKA Proves You Can Eat Swedish Food Without Buying Furniture

The only previous experience I’ve had with Swedish food involves the IKEA cafeteria and I’m sure that’s about as close as most people have gotten to that country’s cuisine. As much as I love the dirt-cheap food there, I also know it’s like eating in a hospital cafeteria and no one ever said that food was good. Enter FIKA Swedish Espresso Bar, which started out in midtown but now has its flagship location down on Pearl St. (at Coenties Slip). While technically an espresso bar, they also make their own chocolate and serve both cold sandwiches and hot entrees and soup. I ventured down to see what was good to eat besides the meatballs. Read more »