Roti Mediterranean Grill Opening First NYC Location Downtown

roti grill wrap
Yet another chain will be making inroads in NYC, with Roti Mediterranean Grill planning to open at Maiden Lane & Pearl St. in January of 2013. There are already locations in Chicago and Washington D.C., and guess what? It’s a build-your-own lunch model involving pita, laffa, salad or rice with various meats, vegetables and sauce options a few pre-configured options. This isn’t too surprising since the chain was started by a former Chipotle chairman. They hope to open 10 to 12 new locations in NYC in the next couple of years and the Financial District seems to be a starting point for ambitious chains with Potbelly and others like GRK and Hot Clay Oven having similar ambitions. I don’t know, I guess this is better than getting another salad place, but what do you Lunch’ers think of getting another build your own lunch chain?


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  • Great news! So this is what’s going in next to Yushi. There’s no escape from the “Chipotle-formula” because it works. Now here’s the best part: win some free food!

    1 Grand Prize: 1 free meal ($10 max) every weekday for a year
    10 2nd Place: 1 free meal ($10 max) for 30 days
    Everybody else: 1 free order of falafel

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