The Pump Has Officially Morphed Into Dig Inn

I only ate at The Pump Energy Foods once out of curiousity while training for a marathon last year but never went back. It wasn’t terrible, it was just bland and unmemorable. The whole chain has now changed its name to Dig Inn Seasonal MarketĀ and new signage went up on the location at Pine & Pearl streets. They have a new menu designed by “a guy who beat Bobby Flay on Iron Chef America” as their Web site will remind you every chance they get. It also looks sort of bland and unmemorable, but if any of you think I should actually go check it out, let me know in the comments.



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    As a health-conscious New Yorker, I’ve been eating at the Pump for quite a few years. It has always been one of the few spots in the city where you can get reliably healthy food. I’ve been a fan because it’s consistent in that I always knew what I was going to get — food that didn’t make me feel bloated and guilty immediately afterward. However, if there was one criticism I had with the food at the Pump, it was that some of the food (necessarily so) was a bit bland. I qualify my statement with “necessarily so” because I felt that healthy food equates with rather tasteless food — speaking to the whole “medicine should taste bad” notion.

    So, I was a bit skeptical when I realized the Pump was changing it’s name to Dig Inn and was worried that I’d have one less place to get healthy food on the two or three days a week I decided to counteract my gluttonous weekend gorging with healthy eating.

    I stopped in today on my lunch break and am happy to report that a lot of the items I’ve had in the past are still on the menu. That being said, in the spirit of the new “digs” (see what I did there?), and given that the girl at the counter was pretty cute and suggested I try the local hero with spicy meatballs, I branched out and did just that.

    Andrea H — you NEED to try it the local hero with spicy meatballs before you pass judgment — it was truly delicious, and I think you’ll really be impressed.

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    No problem, Andrea!

  • They have a great “healthy” breakfast burrito – baked egg whites, oven roasted tomato, guac, cheese, & I ask for them to throw in mushrooms & a little 3-bean chili in (since they recently got rid of peppers & onions & its free). A smig of hot sauce and you have a filling, delishious breakfast at only 200 cals!

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