Thinking Outside The Bun With Luke’s Lobster’s Chowders

Summer is the ideal time to enjoy a lobster (or shrimp or crab) roll from Luke’s Lobster on S. William (at Broad) although really you can’t go wrong with one in the colder months either. No matter how much we try to deny it, freezing cold is on its way and with that comes soup weather. A little bit lost amid all of the seafood stuffed into hot dog rolls is the chowder and bisque section of Luke’s’ menu. It’s a good way to enjoy some seafood without breaking your lunch budget.

I would imagine the first complaint that’s going to be lodged against the chowders is the relatively small amount you get for the price. As my co-luncher pointed out though, it’s hard to feel ripped off when you’re paying the same amount as at places like Hale & Hearty where I would never order something like chowder anyway.

We got clam ($7) and seafood ($8) varieties. They usually have a third soup of the day but if you’re in the mood for chowder either of these will fulfill your craving.

The clam version was brimming with pieces of seafood along with chunks of potato in a thin, but not too thin broth. Throw in a few oyster crackers that come with and you have yourself a nice light lunch because the chowder for me was more filling than more watery soups.

If you like a little variety then the seafood chowder might be a better bet. It’s $1 more but you’re getting baby shrimp, fish and lobster in there. I spotted at least two large pieces of claw meat but the main component was shrimp which I was OK with.

Once the weather gets nasty it’s going to be hard to choose between chowder and a shrimp roll at Luke’s if I’m trying to stay within the ML budget.

Luke’s Lobster, 26 S. William St. (at Broad), (212) 747-1700


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