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Eat A Little Schnitzel Or Veggie Quesadilla In The Rain: If you're up for standing in the rain today, you can visit Schnitzel & Things on Hudson. Also on the ML Downtown Twitter Tracker...Table Tales has vegetable quesadillas today, and Sweetery won't be on Hudson today because of the rain.

Crosby Connection’s Operation Out Of A Chocolate Shop Is Pure Genius

I don’t know why more sandwich shops don’t team up with another business to both lower their costs and offer some sort of combo deal. Sure there are the banh mi shops in Chinatown that double as music and jewelry sellers, but you can’t eat jewelry or albums. When I heard that itinerant sandwich shop Crosby Connection had popped up in Eat My Chocolate on Mulberry St. (btw. Prince & E. Houston) and were offering a $9 sandwich and sweets pairing I had to go check it out. Because nothing says afternoon food coma like a giant sandwich and a sugar rush.

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Downtown Links (The “Lunch At The WFC Is About To Get Less Chain-tastic” Edition”)

This custard bun is brought to you by the DOH grade “C,” courtesy of Food In Mouth.

  • Fancy pizza is coming to the World Financial Center, from the same guy who brought you lobster rolls. [Grub St.]
  • Sometimes you just want some cheap, greasy street meat. [Lunch with Front Studio]
  • I don’t know how you housemake Spam, but you can get it in sandwich form at Lani Kai. [Grub St.]
  • Some ideas for non-Chinatown jury duty lunches. [Tribeca Citizen]
  • You can get a clumpy container of lor mai fun for $2.50! [Eating in Translation]

Usual Truck Suspects Out Today: There isn't a ton of activity on the ML Downtown Twitter Tracker today, but that's probably for the best in these rainy conditions. Frites N Meats is on Water with its southwest fusion burger, and Sweetery is back to its spot on Hudson. Also, Rickshaw is on Houston St.

Free Fancy Chocolates This Afternoon: If you need a mid-afternoon snack, lunch'er Carl passes along that the location of La Maison du Chocolat on Wall St. (btw. Pearl & Hanover) is doing a free tasting of two new bonbons from noon to 5 p.m. There's no description of what kind of bonbons, but it doesn't really matter because they're free.

First Look: Crisp Brings Its Crazy Falafel Sandwiches To The FiDi

Today is the day that Crisp finally introduces the Financial District to its “falafel handbag sandwiches” with its newest location on Fulton St. (nr. William). I went yesterday to check it out during a soft opening for friends and family (and lunch blogs!) and found out that this location is one of 10 more they hope to open around the city, although I was assured they are not trying to be the next Subway. They have all of the creative interpretations on falafel that exist at the two stores in Midtown, plus a couple of new things they’re trying out like opening at 7 a.m. and serving breakfast. What you will find is some fried chickpea balls thrown together with ingredients foreign to most purists (goat cheese and nachos anyone?). What you will not find is a falafel lunch at the rock-bottom prices you’re accustomed to from a trip to Sam’s or Alan’s carts.  Read more »

It’s A Very Falafel Day In The FiDi: In addition to the new location of Crisp opening today, it looks like Taim is going to be on Water with harissa falafel after a bunch of requests from lunch'ers. Also on the ML Downtown Twitter Tracker we have Rickshaw on both Hudson in Soho and Hanover Sq. in the FiDi, and Sweetery is on Hudson.