Crosby Connection’s Operation Out Of A Chocolate Shop Is Pure Genius

I don’t know why more sandwich shops don’t team up with another business to both lower their costs and offer some sort of combo deal. Sure there are the banh mi shops in Chinatown that double as music and jewelry sellers, but you can’t eat jewelry or albums. When I heard that itinerant sandwich shop Crosby Connection had popped up in Eat My Chocolate on Mulberry St. (btw. Prince & E. Houston) and were offering a $9 sandwich and sweets pairing I had to go check it out. Because nothing says afternoon food coma like a giant sandwich and a sugar rush.

Eat My Chocolate is somewhat hidden under scaffolding so you have to look for it. And when you walk in don’t be discouraged by the apparent lack of sandwiches: The menu hangs on the wall, and those guys standing in the back are who will make your sandwiches. As they instructed me, just yell out what you want (by name, not number) and you’ll have your food after a short wait.

There were 12 sandwiches to choose from – all $7 – when I was there although they may not have everything on a given day. If you want to do the combo, it’s $9 and includes the sandwich, something from the case of macarons and other awesome-looking things, and a soda or water. This turned out to be an amazing deal for what you get, especially in this neighborhood.

I ordered the Fatboy which had roasted turkey, provolone, hot and sweet peppers and some dijon mustard. It reminded me a bit of the sandwich I had at Alidoro except with a lot more heat from the peppers and at a much smaller price. It pays to use a counter in a chocolate shop to make your sandwiches!

And on top of that I picked out a peanut butter macaron that turned out to be a gigantic specimen. And the middle of it had about an inch of fudge that tasted like eating frosting from a jar. There was no peanut butter so to speak, but it was tasty just the same.

If you work in Soho or near this place, I would recommend checking it out before the location changes again.

Crosby Connection/Eat My Chocolate, 284 Mulberry St. (btw. Prince & E. Houston), (212) 334-0160


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  • That macaroon looks enormous but it could also be that you have a small child’s hand. And what I would love to see is a really good street meat provider team up with Foot Locker-I like to walk off lunch a bit. Thanks for the review. And I’m not sure but I think Eat My Chocolate was the name of a movie I was tricked into seeing when I was in college.

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