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Alidoro’s Italian Sandwiches Are Worth The Wait (Just Don’t Ask For Mayo)

If there’s one place in Soho that’s always on everyone’s list to check out, it’s Italian sandwich shop Alidoro on Sullivan St. (btw. Spring & Prince). I am not a big sandwich person and no one really told me just why this place was so awesome. Was it the bread, the ingredients, what?!? After seeing it listed in a Downtown Lunch’er profile and then another, (and finding out even Zach has eaten there) I took the train up there (and really I should probably take advantage of this before they make good on the talk of getting rid of unlimited-ride Metro cards). Bread, meat and cheese after the jump. Read more »

Downtown Lunch: Discovering the Joys of Alidoro at Puffy's Tavern

Midtown workers shouldn’t have all the fun, so to even the score, I’ve brought on Daniel Krieger as an official Downtown Lunch Correspondent to write up some of the tasty stuff you can get in the lower half of Manhattan. He’s a great photographer (ensuring good food porn), but more importantly he is a lover of cheap, unique and delicious eats (or as I like to call it- Midtown Lunch’ish food.) This week he accidentally stumbles into a pub serving my favorite Italian sandwiches in the city.

Downtown Lunch: Puffy's Tavern

While wandering around Tribeca earlier this week, I found myself licking the windows of Chanterelle. Luckily they were closed or I would have gone in for lunch… who am I kidding I can’t afford to lunch there. The seafood sausage appetizer alone (which is delicious by the way) costs as much as two normal lunches. So I turned around and stumbled across the street into a bar where I saw large hunks of crusty looking bread and sandwich fixins calling my name. I checked out a menu which boasted “The best sandwiches in New York”. Yeah I know, you and everyone else.

I was hesitant viewing the menu, which had sandwiches in the $8-9 range. I figured they probably didn’t come with anything, and if they did it would be some tiny salad that was more for looks than actual sustenance. I asked, just to be sure.

“They come with a free beer”

WHHHAAAA? I was like really? any beer I want? She said, “Yes but you have to drink it here.. you can’t take it out obviously. This ain’t Amsterdam”

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