My Downtown Lunch at Alidoro



  • Congratulations! Good going dady!

    PS… for anyone not keeping up, midtownlunchmeetup (at) gmail
    has a good strong group in attendance for the lunch meet-up.
    Email if you want to get in the loop.

    Zach will you stop by? Cupcakes and Chicken&Rice to celebrate your new fatherhood?

  • Congrats on the junior Midtown Lunch-er, Zach!

  • congrats!

  • Congratulations.

    Call it Rudy.

    Rudy McTyler..

  • Congrats…. make sure it gets good and plump before you dive in.

  • Congratulations!!! Drinks for everyone!!

  • congratulations, zach!

  • Congrats! Your daughter is lucky you didn’t try the Roxie before choosing a name – I get one every other week, it is amazing! Pick up sandwiches then take your daughter to the playground next door.

  • Congrats, Zach. Never, ever show the little one this blog. Ever.

  • We usually only do pets, but I will offer a free hair plucking session for your newborn.

  • BTW Zach, try the “More Better” on Tremezzino next time you go to Alidoro. And tell Walter ‘hi’ – he’s a gem of an owner after the surly Allessandro.

  • Congrats!!!!

  • Congratulations, Zach! May he or she inherit your love of good food in large quantities.

  • ……just a mental image… born , breast feeding……it’s first words……’dis bettah not cost more than $10……’

  • You sure it’s not Doc Chucks, the work related travel (if this intrigues you..)


  • Mazel tov, Zach. The definition of a good father is to provide for his kid, so I can just see you pulling the Zachette around midtown and instructing him/her: “Not there, that’s too expensive…that’s a good buffet, but the sit-down service is awful…”

  • Your boys can swim, Zach!
    Always remember the third commandment: thou shall not take thy daughter to a crappy midtown deli.

  • Congratulations, Zach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

  • Congrats as well!

  • Yay, Zach! May she be happy and healthy (save the occasional Cuban sandwich).

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