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Get Soupid: ML Comics Issue #351 – SoupMan vs. The Masked Contributor!

After being accused of being a “poser-critic,” which I take in the jest it was (hopefully) intended, I feel the need to establish that I am not a bandwagon-jumper-onner commercialized-celebrity-chef-basher out to encase the Midtown Lunch readership in veiled propaganda. My only agenda is to contribute information and do the best I possibly can to separate my opinions from empirical facts, data, and observations. I feel the need to clear my name and I could think of no better way to do so than through soup. Let it not be said that I am a poser who just takes cheap shots at easy targets. Rather than demand a duel on the field of honor, I’ll let a review speak for me. I’m going to put Al Yeganeh’s Original SoupMan to the Get Soupid test. I’ll refrain from snark, cheap shots, bashing, and maybe even poorly flowing sentences. When it comes to flowing, I paraphrase Dune and the fictional Yev Kassem: soup must flow! Soup for you!

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Of Course All Those Soup Man Fans Were Tourists!: Yesterday's disappointing re-opening of Soup Kitchen International just another location of the Original Soup Man chain, was a mob scene- and Feast has a great video of the line. (Spoiler: Everybody was from out of town.) They also spoke to Reggie Jackson! (The *real* Reggie Jackson.)

At Lunch Now: Meet the Old Soup Man, Same as the New Soup Man?

Soup Kitchen International aka the Soup Nazi aka The Original Soup Man reopened their original location today (on 55th and 8th Ave.) and the requisite madhouse ensued. Eater was (rightfully) skeptical but being a huge S.K.I fan I had to check it out for myself.

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Original Soup Nazi Location Reopens Today: Just a friendly reminder... Soup Kitchen International, the original home to the Soup Nazi and inspiration for the Original Soup Man chain, will reopen today at Noon on 55th and 8th. We're still not sure if this is going to be the real deal, or just a last ditch effort by a failing chain to garner publicity, but Reggie Jackson being there points to the latter.

Skip the Line & Get Free Soup at Tuesdays Grand Re-Opening of the Original Soup Nazi

FloFab reported it weeks ago, and we just got confirmation that the original location of Soup Kitchen International (the spot on 55th just west of 8th Ave popularized by Seinfeld as the “Soup Nazi”) will reopen on Tuesday at Noon… and according to their website, they’ll be giving away free t-shirts on opening day. The Soup Man’s people offered us a VIP pass to skip the line for free soup (and the T-Shirt as well) but you know we don’t like to do that kind of thing… however, we’ll gladly let them give it to you! Want to win the pass and the shirt? Leave a comment with either your favorite S.K.I. soup (or whichever soup sounds the best to you). We’ll randomly select a winner today at 5pm, so they have time to mail you the prize before Tuesday.

Want to see the opening day soup menu? It’s after the jump…

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Follow the Rules or No Soup For You!: The WSJ reports that when Soup Kitchen International returns to Midtown West this month, the crazy rules popularized by Seinfeld will be enforced... although sadly it doesn't sound like the Soup Nazi himself will be present too often (that is unless he decides to accept one of the reality TV show offers on his plate.)  [via Grub Street]

Soup Nazi to Return on July 20th: Yesterday Flo Fab officially confirmed the rumor that Al Yeganeh aka the Soup Man aka the Soup Nazi, will reopen Soup Kitchen International (on 55th & 8th) on July 20. The chicken chili from the original SKI was my splurge lunch back in the day, and I loved how each of the soups came with its own side. The Soup Man franchise tried, but just wasn't the same.

“Original” Soup Man Returns?: Bloomberg is reporting that investors are trying to force the "Original Soup Man" into bankruptcy, but a spokesperson says the company is not only doing well but will be reopening the original location on 55th St. and 8th Ave. in the next 45 days. Could be good if the real Soup Nazi is there cooking! (And we're not talking frozen soups...) [via Eater]