At Lunch Now: Meet the Old Soup Man, Same as the New Soup Man?

Soup Kitchen International aka the Soup Nazi aka The Original Soup Man reopened their original location today (on 55th and 8th Ave.) and the requisite madhouse ensued. Eater was (rightfully) skeptical but being a huge S.K.I fan I had to check it out for myself.

Reggie Jackson was on hand (at least I think that was Reggie Jackson, sorry I’m a Sox fan) as was practically every local news organization (slow news day anyone?)

By 12:30ish the first customer had been served and the line wrapped around to 8th avenue, half way up the block between 55th and 56th.

After I saw one Midwestern tourist opening their Soupman sack to reveal a milk chocolate Lindt truffle and a handful of grapes, I knew this wasn’t the specially paired lunch sack I remembered from S.K.I. and I wasn’t about to stand around in the heat for what looks like the regular Soupman fare. As a former publicist, I’m impressed with the circus, but as someone who values my lunch hour (and doesn’t particularly love “The Original Soupman” or lines in hot weather) I’m going to assume this is skippable until somebody tells me otherwise.


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