Of Course All Those Soup Man Fans Were Tourists!

Yesterday’s disappointing re-opening of Soup Kitchen International just another location of the Original Soup Man chain, was a mob scene- and Feast has a great video of the line. (Spoiler: Everybody was from out of town.) They also spoke to Reggie Jackson! (The *real* Reggie Jackson.)


  • No, that’s not Reggie Jackson. (Wait, I just started watching baseball last year so I don’t know what I’m talking about.)

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    It’s not like someone (ahem) didn’t call this as the desperate PR stunt it was and try to warn people here. And no, I don’t mean Eater, ML. Someone else was shouting from the comments right here for days about this as you were collecting cheesy swag and playing along with the charade.

    When I saw a pic in the paper and it was someone eating out of the same soupman bowl, and all sorts of tourists talking about finally trying the great soupman soup, I was disgusted it all.

    Suckers. Rubes. And shame on the soupman people for perpetuating this fraud.

    And shame on Midtown Lunch for helping to enable the fraud by not asking hard questions in advance and warning about exactly what was going on here. It was obvious to even a complete moron like me what was playing out. You should have asked a few questions of the soupman PR staff, instead of playing the useful idiot to, at best, a huge misderection and at worst, pretty much a scam.

    • Sue us for holding out hope… but in fairness to Brownie, she was skeptical in every post she wrote leading up to the opening- pointing to all the signs that made us think this wasn’t going to be the real deal.

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