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It’s Now Even Easier to get your Tehuitzingo Fix

A few months ago, fans of Tehuitzingo may have been slightly alarmed that the Mexican grocery and deli on 10th Ave was closing temporarily for renovations.  But we breathed a sigh of relief when we learned that the Tehuitzingo team has opened a new location (9th Ave @ 42nd St) that’s even more convenient for office workers near Times Square and Port Authority.  The new location features a small dining room and accepts credit cards (the old location was cash only).  With the extra space, they’ve expanded the menu (front menu / back menu), adding Mexican classics such as mole poblano ($9) and pancita ($9), a spicy beef tripe soup served in a bowl the size of a kitchen sink.

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Tehuitzingo is Arguably the Best Mexican We’ll Get in Midtown


Ask the simple question, “Where’s the best Mexican food in New York City?” and you’ll likely be met with exasperated sighs, an eye roll, and the fierce proclamation that New York Mexican cuisine could never in a million years rival that of California’s (at least until California is swallowed by the Pacific). Part of me agrees. I’ve had the pleasure of eating at the clapped out taco trucks in random parking lots around Salinas and Fresno, CA – gleefully shoveling down $1.50 tacos meant for the local day laborers, now being elbowed out by DSLR toting hipsters.

But we shouldn’t be so self depreciating, for there’s perfectly acceptable Mexican to be had at Tehuitzingo Deli and Grocery (10th Avenue between 47th & 48th st) – well out of reach of Midtown, but accessible for the lucky lunchers that work on the western edge of Midtown, or those with very lax lunch breaks (they also deliver as far east as 6th ave).

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Rachel Maddow is a Midtown Lunch’er: 10th Avenue is becoming quite the Mexican hotspot.  In addition to out of bounds Midtown Lunch faves Tehuitzingo (10th btw. 47+48th) and Tulcingo del Valle (on 10th btw. 46+47th), there is also La Rosita (on 47th btw. 10+11th) which according to Rachel Maddow makes the best sopes and tacos. Don't trust people who work for MSNBC?  Profiled Lunch'er Jamie is down with the place as well. (And they deliver.)

Tehuitzingo Reopens And Is Not Going Anywhere

Great news on the Tehuitzingo front, which was closed by the DOH for an expired permit over the weekend.  The out of bounds Mexican bodega, on 10th btw. 47+48th, reopened yesterday- and I confirmed with the owner’s son that the landlord issue has been resolved. They came to an agreement over the rent and signed a 6 year lease… so Tehuizingo isn’t going anywhere for awhile.

Tehuitzingo Closed by DOH Amidst Rumors That Landlord is Doubling Their Rent


I got this terrifying email re: Tehuitzingo, the Mexican bodega on 10th Ave. btw. 47+48th with the little taco window in the back:

“My husband went into Tehuitzingo Deli last week and spoke with the owner. The landlord has doubled his rent! He’s trying to hold on but I’m afraid the place may have to close soon.”

I went over the weekend to investigate for myself and found that it had been closed by the DOH over permit issues (white notice, not yellow.) This is a huge blow to New York City’s already fragile Mexican food situation, and while it is outside of the technical ML boundaries, traveling the extra distance had become customary for many of us who felt they made the best tacos in Manhattan. Tulcingo del Valle, one block south, is a good alternative (especially if you are looking for enchiladas, burritos, mole, and other dishes more commonly found at sit down Mexican restaurants.) But for tacos, nothing can replace the amazing little window in the back of Tehuitzingo.

Most places bounce back pretty quickly from these kind of DOH notices, but if the email above turns out to be true it will be a pretty sad day for all of us.

Close up is after the jump.

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Best Tacos in Midtown, Midtown Links (XL Edition) and the end of the week wrap up…

It’s the day before Cinco de Mayo, which means you can take your chances that Kristy will be at Blockheads today… or you can check out one of my two favorite taco places in Midtown.  If you are on the East side, Pampano Taqueria is the way to go.  But if your on the westside, take advantage of the nice weather and make the trek to Tehuitzingo on 10th Ave. btw. 47+48th.  You won’t be disappointed!


Next week… an amazing Filipino place that will blow your mind!  Plus, more on the openings of Go Go Curry & Kushi Q.  Have a good weekend!