Best Tacos in Midtown, Midtown Links (XL Edition) and the end of the week wrap up…

It’s the day before Cinco de Mayo, which means you can take your chances that Kristy will be at Blockheads today… or you can check out one of my two favorite taco places in Midtown.  If you are on the East side, Pampano Taqueria is the way to go.  But if your on the westside, take advantage of the nice weather and make the trek to Tehuitzingo on 10th Ave. btw. 47+48th.  You won’t be disappointed!


Next week… an amazing Filipino place that will blow your mind!  Plus, more on the openings of Go Go Curry & Kushi Q.  Have a good weekend!


  • I’ve been to both Tehuitzingo and Tulcingo del Valle on 10th and I have to say that I think the tacos at TdV are far superior to those at Tehuitzingo. Maybe I just had a bad experience but the meat on both the cecina and chicken was dry and fairly bland compared to what I’ve had at TdV.

    Both spots serve Mexican Coke and Pepsi, which is a big plus. There is also a spot on 38th and 8th (La Pueblita?) that serves up some decent tacos and other fare but the smell in there both times I stopped in was pretty horrendous.

  • FYI: I just walked by — Kushi Q was open for lunch. The yakitori selection not only was meager and the menu itself was sparse (think they had some soup in addition to the a-la-carte yakitori offerings). The combos which mostly consisted of a few yakitori sticks + miso soup all started at 6-7+. Totally not worth it for the quantity of food.

    I walked in and walked right back out.

  • I had the same Kushi-Q experience as WorkAlong3rdAve. I walked in, looked around and walked out. It did look good, but there was so little food for the money. The sweet potato fries sounded good, but not enough to make me order.

  • Thanks Zach again!!! YOu did it again. This is what I am talking about. Cool food, yummy, $2 each. So cheap I bought my colleague lunch. LOL. I felt like I was in Mexican for a few minutes of my day…better than flights to endure, no Montezuma revenge. Worth the 15 minute walk for me. Tried the pork taco (yum), the goat (odd), the pumpkin flower quesadilla, chicken taco (yum). Three tacos are more than enough to fill you up..but I was greedy since they were so dirt cheap. They come with yummy green sauce and red sauce. The corn tortillas are awesome.

    I even got a chance to practice my Spanish since the ladies don’t speak any English at all. No worries..part of the fun! There is a Spanish to English menu translation though for those who don’t remember their basic high school Spanish.

    You what the best part is?
    I used to live on that block (48th street) and walked by this place a billion and 2 times. Who knew there was an awesome and cheap food stand all the way in the back? Huh! Duh!

  • I am from LA and semi-new to new york. I know tacos, for those of you from LA, I am from more of the El Taurino, King Taco (a couple of famous ones), and big fan of downtown long beach (Brite Spot) school of taco. Had Pampano today, not perfect but will keep me at bay until my next trip over to the Best Coast. I highly recommend El Paso on 104th and Lex. Actually delicious, and you know it will be legit right when you walk in. The tortilla (as others have said before) is fantastic. It is not at the level of El Toro Bravo in Costa Mesa, but delicious nonetheless. They either fry the tortillas there, or they by them from a true old mexican lady.

  • That guy above Hus knows what he is talking about. He is legendary in the taco community, both in LA (so I hear) as well as NYC. I saw a posting of his comment before, that I found to be ABSolutely & ridiculously accurate… Rumor from that guys camp is that there will be a taco tour coming soon, an organization for those that know real west coast taco’s…..enjoy:

    Excerpt from TL (Taco Legend, Hus):
    As you well know, I have had more than my share of carne asada. I am
    pleased to share that I have found a goldmine. The haurache was wonderful.
    Lighlty fried and evenly stuffed with beans (for that extra get-up-and-go).
    The meat, crema mexicana, and queso fresco were both delicious and
    generously apportioned. Truly a delight.

    On to the tamale. Served la ranchera style nestled in a corn husk and
    smothered with salsa verde. I felt my self start to float with elation as
    I was was reminded of the days of yore…drinking till 3 in the morning,
    pulling avacados off trees and dispensing it upon my cornmeal and chicken

    As I started to look to my right, I laid eyes on the real deal, the
    bell-weather, the standard by wich all taquerias are judged. The carne
    asada taco. As pointed out to me, this the anchor that conniseurs will base
    opions off of. And it was absolutely, hands down, simply fantastic.

    Can it be true? Is the search over? We will see next week when we try the
    upper east side location. A different cook with a different style, albeit
    a much less taco-sophisticated crowd.

    If anyone is up for the trek at lunch time…I am down.

    Ps…dress down and don’t bring a nice watch.

  • Word on the tacqueria, is that Hus has found another place, and there will be an additional review!!! Can’t wait!

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