It’s Now Even Easier to get your Tehuitzingo Fix

A few months ago, fans of Tehuitzingo may have been slightly alarmed that the Mexican grocery and deli on 10th Ave was closing temporarily for renovations.  But we breathed a sigh of relief when we learned that the Tehuitzingo team has opened a new location (9th Ave @ 42nd St) that’s even more convenient for office workers near Times Square and Port Authority.  The new location features a small dining room and accepts credit cards (the old location was cash only).  With the extra space, they’ve expanded the menu (front menu / back menu), adding Mexican classics such as mole poblano ($9) and pancita ($9), a spicy beef tripe soup served in a bowl the size of a kitchen sink.

I’m sure that such a location wouldn’t come cheap, and as such they’ve raised prices a bit.  Tacos cost an additional $.50 to $.75 and tortas have inched up from $6 to $6.50.  However the tacos that I sampled on my visit seemed to have been made a little additional care and a bit more meat.  Additionally, they’re slathered with a bit of guacamole to justify the price increase.

The tacos (barbacoa – $3.25 and al pastor – $3) were just like I remembered – fresh, meaty, filling.  Fantastic.  They reminded me of why we boldly claimed that Tehuitzingo is arguably the best Mexican food we’ve ever found in Midtown.

Taqueria Tehuitzingo, 578 9th Ave (nr 42nd). 646-707-3916


  • Hey Chris, thanks for getting a pic of the menu.

    Just sucks that their prices went up again, but that’s to be expected because of the move of an avenue east.

  • Nice pics. I gotta give this place a try.

  • Awwwww yisss!

    I want to say that’s not guac but instead salsa de aguacate because it looks a bit thin. I could be wrong.

    Also, your photos are always excellently framed — no fancy angles; food looks like food; your references are out of control — everybody knows that. Just a touch heavy-handed on the shallow focus, though.

    Please take one for the team and report back on the tripe soup.

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