Tehuitzingo Closed by DOH Amidst Rumors That Landlord is Doubling Their Rent


I got this terrifying email re: Tehuitzingo, the Mexican bodega on 10th Ave. btw. 47+48th with the little taco window in the back:

“My husband went into Tehuitzingo Deli last week and spoke with the owner. The landlord has doubled his rent! He’s trying to hold on but I’m afraid the place may have to close soon.”

I went over the weekend to investigate for myself and found that it had been closed by the DOH over permit issues (white notice, not yellow.) This is a huge blow to New York City’s already fragile Mexican food situation, and while it is outside of the technical ML boundaries, traveling the extra distance had become customary for many of us who felt they made the best tacos in Manhattan. Tulcingo del Valle, one block south, is a good alternative (especially if you are looking for enchiladas, burritos, mole, and other dishes more commonly found at sit down Mexican restaurants.) But for tacos, nothing can replace the amazing little window in the back of Tehuitzingo.

Most places bounce back pretty quickly from these kind of DOH notices, but if the email above turns out to be true it will be a pretty sad day for all of us.

Close up is after the jump.



  • who do they think is going to replace them in that location these days

  • Likely a Chase bank, given how the rest of midtown looks these days.

  • Oh man! I just started eating there regularly!

  • Who the hell has the audacity to raise rents in this economy? Idiots, GOSH!

  • It’s a total blow to midtown Mexican… but Manhattan mexican still lives! There are a few places on 116th between 2nd and 3rd that are far better. Try Taco Mix or the quesadilla stand on the south side of the street. The bubbling cauldron of suadero at Taco Mix is amazing and the Al Pastor is every bit as good as El Tizconcito in Mexico City.

  • That’s just cruel

  • I ate there once and found the food pretty good. But the greatest thing to me was that they sold the El Pato spicy tomato sauce. It goes great for making chilaquiles. I have yet to find another store that has it.

  • Just want to note that for some things Tulcingo is far better. Pozole at Tulcingo is awesome and comes with accoutrement. The Torta Carnitas is a sandwich from heaven – fried pork, avocado, refried, red onion and cheese plus or minus a few things on any given day. Finally – and I know a generally weak suggestion – the Chicken Nachos. Small but so good.

  • Oh, sh#t. Now that’s some seriously sad news.

  • @frank, I buy mine at Zaragoza Mexican Deli in alphabet city (Ave A between 13 & 14). They also carry my favorite mexican hot sauce, Valentina’s…

  • I had some Tacos there two days ago, it was still open.

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