Roti Mediterranean Grill and Simply Sliders Coming to Midtown

Is Midtown ready for another build-your-own lunch chain? Roti Mediterranean Grill, which was scheduled to open its first New York location downtown last month, is set to open another location this summer on 43rd St. in between Lexington Ave. and 3rd Ave.┬áRoti’s menu consists of pita sandwiches, salads, and rice platters with grilled meats, vegetables, and falafel. But with Crisp and Naya Express just around the corner, plus Hot Clay Oven moving in, will Roti be able to compete?

But wait. There’s more…

Photo courtesy of MLer James

Just across the street from the future Roti is a not-yet-opened storefront called Simply Sliders. We don’t know for sure, but it looks like Midtown might soon have a slider-specific joint serving up miniature sandwiches.

Anybody have any extra intel about these two places? Feel free to put it in the comments…

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