Hot Clay Oven Takes Over Old Hello Pasta Space


I’m not sure if Midtown needs another Chipotle inspired restaurant but here you go. Hot Clay Oven, an Indian fusion restaurant which “>started off with a downtown location, has taken over what was the last of the Hello Pasta locations on 3rd Ave btw 44th and 45th St. Here’s a look at the menu but basically you get a choice of rice, salad or naan then you add your protein, toppings and dressing. This whole Indian food with the Chipotle way of serving food isn’t new to Midtown. Desi Shack on Lexington and 39th St has already been doing it since last October but I wasn’t a fan of their food. And from what Andrea wrote, Hot Clay Oven may just turn out to be a solid lunch spot. More than anything though we hope that like their downtown location, they will open their doors on the first day with some free food!

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  • I have eaten at the downtown location more times than I can count, it’s pretty decent, about as Indian as Chipotle is Mexican. I usually get the rice bowl (yellow rice), with tandoori chicken, all the veg, golden raisins (gotta have the raisins), and one of the lime/yogurt/mint chutneys. That hot chut doesn’t mess around. When choosing between Hot Clay and Chipotle, Clay wins 95% of the time. Food is just way more flavorful. Heck, no amount of Willie Nelson “bringing it back to the start” is gonna tranform bland Mexi-can’t into Mexi-can.

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