Hot Clay Oven Debuts Menu, Opening Soon

Indian-fusion restaurant Hot Clay Oven on Maiden Lane (btw. Gold & Pearl) has its menu up on its Web site, and it looks like it will be a sort of Indian twist on Chipotle, one of which is actually located across the street.¬† You choose an “entree” like a wrap, naan and kebab, or salad and then a protein, toppings and sauces. The windows were still papered up when I walked by yesterday, but it seems like it will be opening soon (complete with a grand opening sponsored by a radio station!). Update: They’re shooting for an opening in early September. Check out the four-step menu after the jump.


Malai Chicken
Herbed Rice
Caribbean Salsa
Rice Bowl*
Tandoori Chicken
Sauteed Peppers & Onions
Mint/Cilantro Chutney
Salad Bowl*
Jamaican Steak
Triple Cheese Blend
Tamarind Chutney
Naan & Kebab
Pork Vindaloo
Garden Fresh Vegetables
Spicy Red Hot Chutney
Tandoori Paneer
Golden Raisins
Yogurt Chutney
Channa Masala
Roasted Nuts
Lime Vinaigrette
Kebab (Chicken/Beef)
Creamy Ranch
*add butter naan or nuts for an additional charge



  • So I can have a Quese-Fusion with Tandoori Paneer, triple Cheese, and Creamy Ranch? Or a wrap, with steak, rice, veg, cheese, salsa, and some hot sauce. Oh this is so Indian Fusion. I bet the shirt n tie lunch crowd will love this, cause Chipotle/Pret is just so pass√©.

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    Absolutely. We can tailor your meal to your taste with our endless combinations. Our food is robust in flavor yet delicately seasoned with Indian herbs and spices which are delicious and also very nutritious. We have carefully added a variety of foods from other countries to create some Indian fusion and are hoping to captivate everyone with our concept!

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