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Desi Shack Has Awesome Paratha Rolls

Meanderings in Midtown East brought me upon Desi Shack (39th and Lex) last week; it caught my attention because the Indian restaurant I’d planned on going to that day was more expensive than I thought and I had to wing it. Last year, Brian compared Desi Shack to an “Indian Chipotle” where the environment is clean and minimalistic and you craft your ingredients to order. At that time, it had only been open a short while, and I thought it deserved a revisit.

I was inspired to order a paratha roll because a few months ago, my coworkers and I tried out the Kati Roll Company and I thought the rolls were too dry. Then I tried Biriyani Cart’s and they were too greasy. A ML reader poll last year gave Biriyani Cart top honors, so maybe I got them on a bad day… but Desi Shack wasn’t on the list, perhaps because they were so new at the time of the poll.

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Desi Shack’s Early Offerings Are Hit & Miss

Desi Shack
Few weeks ago, we brought you news that Desi Shack, an Indian restaurant, was set to open at the corner of 39th and Lexington Ave. Just by looking at the menu, it looked promising. $8.25 for chicken tikka with basmati rice plus some veggie sides. Also I was happy to see that they’re offering the equal number of meat options and veggie options (so veggie people aren’t stuck with just one option which is usually the case). So with an empty stomach I decided to try it out.

When you first walk in, you’re welcomed with a very clean, bright and minimalistic space. You start at the right side of the restaurant and tell the person behind the counter what option you want (chicken tikka, lamb kebab, aloo which is potato, or paneer which is cheese) then from there you can customize your meal however you want (hello, Indian Chipotle!)  I went with chicken tikka with basmati rice, corn salad and sauteed peppers and onions with the cucumber yogurt chutney ($8.25), samosa with cilantro mint chutney ($1.50) and a mango lassi ($3.50). So how was it?

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Desi Shack’s Official Grand Opening is Monday

Desi Shack
A couple of days ago while walking down Lexington I noticed in big words “Coming Soon Desi Shack” (on 39th Street). According to their website, they will be offering grilled meats on skewers (and veggie options) to go with rice, salad and paratha. Right now they’re on soft opening mode but plan to officially open on Monday the 3rd. Check out the full menu on their site.

Desi Shack, 331 Lexington Ave at 39th St, 212-867-3374