Desi Shack’s Official Grand Opening is Monday

Desi Shack
A couple of days ago while walking down Lexington I noticed in big words “Coming Soon Desi Shack” (on 39th Street). According to their website, they will be offering grilled meats on skewers (and veggie options) to go with rice, salad and paratha. Right now they’re on soft opening mode but plan to officially open on Monday the 3rd. Check out the full menu on their site.

Desi Shack, 331 Lexington Ave at 39th St, 212-867-3374


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    The menu looks like an Indian Chipotle– could be amazing, could be meh. I’ll need to check it out!

  • They should have named it Brown Shack since Black Shack is across the street.

    • That is just so wrong and so, so funny. This makes me want grilled meats on skewers but dammit, it’s Rosh Hashana isn’t it. All my local places are closed. ARGH.

  • The number of Shacks is too damn high!

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    In the words of my favorite political candidate: RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH!

  • Indian Shack sounds good. Would like to check out sometime and see if this hits the spot like kati rolls.

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    Eating it now. I picked up an aloo roll and lamb rice bowl. It’s like a hybrid between Chipotle and Kati Roll, a good hybrid. The portions of the bowls are slightly smaller than Chipotle, which is a good thing to me. The rolls are the same size as Kati, but less greasy. More variety than Kati, and less greasy. I wish there were more sauced meats, instead of only the dry ones. A curry or masala would be welcome. The service was nice. It’s a more than decent for a cheap lunch. I prefer it to Kati, which will never be more than a once a week place, due to limited selection.

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