Korilla Responds to Accusations of Skimping

For the past few weeks the forums have been abuzz with complaints about Korilla BBQ’s shrinking portions- specifically the filling in the burritos. Last week our Rachel Goldner hit up the truck stuff her face research whether or not the skimping extended to the bowls as well. Case closed, right? Not exactly. Commenters were not satisfied, and on Friday we got this response from Korilla owner Eddie Song…

When news broke out over alleged ‘skimping’ on food blogosphere, naturally, I thought someone on our staff was breaking major health code rules and eating the food as it’s getting made. Ridiculously enough, our work environment is so laid-back that ‘skimping’ would be as hard to enforce as a 11AM opening time, which has yet to happen! (Sorry Terry & friend for [the other] morning).

Nonetheless, we decided to hold our own internal audit independent of Midtown Lunch’s forensic food investigators.

Our initial findings have been very revealing. When questioned regarding the ‘skimping’, a couple of our managers replied, “Some of us are working [at Korilla] because we are addicted” to “So Midtown you’re hungry, HUH??!!” Even more interesting is a rumor of profiling of a special kind. Let’s just say that the Korilla crew wouldn’t know whether you decided to action jackson a membership to Equinox or on the flip-side decided that you needed to squirrel away a few pounds for the winter. The only way is to tell us you need more or less! We have a patent-pending reflect-o-glass on the truck that uses ultraviolet light technology so you can see what goes down. Ask our crew about it!


Well, that settles that! Right?

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  • i lost at least 5 brain cells trying to read that response.

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    I’ve never been to Korilla and that innane response makes me never want to.

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    That’s a very arrogant response. I guess their current income has cushioned their retirement funds. There are too many food trucks out there with much friendlier and humble personalities than this particular one. It’s Business 101 to learn to accept criticism in a polite manner, even though one doesn’t agree to it.

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    Huh? That response was most def. arrogant. We’re not dumb, we know smaller portions when we have the misfortune of purchasing them after standing on line for half an hour. Im done.

  • 1, I’m with Steve. That response is riddled with brain warping idiocy.

    2, it was the equivalent of the WhiteHouse.gov petitions, and when time rolled around to answer, all we got bullshit platitudes.

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    You know what? We should all stop commenting on his ‘remarks’ to prefer further free PR on his end.

  • I recognize the individual words, but put in that order they make no sense.

  • Arrogance is the word of the day. Makes my decision to not eat at Korilla very easy.

  • FU korrila. FU! I pee on your truck when you’re not looking. And I smear fesces in the tiger’s eyes!

  • Ah!! Good one Korilla!! Hilarious! Realy very, very funny. I’m never spending another cent at your truck, but still really really funny!

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    So just like when they got caught cheating on the food truck race, they aren’t admitting to, or denying the allegations….just spewing nonsense.

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    This reminds me too much of this: http://midtownlunch.com/2011/10/26/associate-hilariously-quits-pwc-to-work-for-korilla/

    But seriously – they even made their tortillas smaller! their taco tortillas are almost half the size that they started with.

    Unless I can “tell them” to give me 6 tacos instead of 3, nothing’s fixed.

    Good thing there’s 15 other korean taco trucks around.

  • I think they’re breaking another health code violation of being completely fucking high on crack when writing their PR.

  • What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

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    What the…I don’t even-…

    Koreans. *SMH.

  • Here’s my prediction: responses like that indicates a disconnect with the customer. We will be talking about Korilla in the past tense in 12-18 months. I wouldn’t miss them.

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    I’m not sure what he said, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t claim that they haven’t reduced portion size.

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    I apologize for the awful response Midtown Lunchers. I obviously did not realize how much of an two-bit donkey I sound and am. Please exuse me.

    Bottom line is that we had a meeting with the crew regarding this matter. Please feel free to simply ask for more if you feel that not enough of your ingredients weren’t added. Simple. Sorry again for failing.

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      A customer shouldn’t have to “ask for more” especially when many are bringing their non-transparent burritos back to their office to eat. How about just teaching your staff to be consistent in how they assemble everything, if the goal really is not to cut back?

    • is this screen name verified?

    • There’s no way that “eddie@korilla” is a legitimate employee of Korilla. No one in a service industry can possibly be that clueless and still be in business after a week.

    • That’s right Lunchers, wait on line; pay for your food; walk back to your office to inspect the amount of food; walk back to the truck; wait on line again; ask for more food; walk back to your office; mix the hot food in with the cold; rewrap your now gluey burritio; throw the whole thing in the trash. Now THAT’S customer satisfaction!

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    What a crock, despise the arrogance. Havent hasd them in awhile with the midtown east crackdown, and I do not plan on having them again. Kimchi truck all the way.

  • If Korilla would just consistently put in a fair amount of filling, like they used to, then this problem would be taken care of. The customer isn’t supposed to have to demand more. The portions should be standardized so that they ARE fair. for 8 bucks, you can afford to put out a large burrito, without having to have the customer demand more meat. Put in at least 1/4 lb of meat per burrito. Not 2 spoonfuls. It really is very simple.

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