Is the Korilla Truck Really Skimping on Their Portions?

The forums have been abuzz for the past few weeks about Korilla’s shrinking portions. Midtown Lunch’er Goats started the conversation like this:

I don’t know what happened to them–maybe it’s all the publicity from the show–but the size of their burrito–rib eye of the tiger in particular–is f’ing MINISCULE now! I was so pissed! It was ALL tortilla and hardly any filling! I was biting folds of tortilla with nothing for nearly half the burrito it seemed! I used to love this truck–their burritos were huge! They weighed well over a lb and a half and were stuffed to the gills. But now, NO. Not even close. Less product. High price. Not sure I will return. I leave the hypechasers to support them….

Them’s fighting words, and unfortunately, many of the replies since seem to agree. Interestingly, though, all the complaints refer to the tacos and burritos, but no one has mentioned the chosun bowls (yet). So, when one of the trucks hit up midtown the other day, off I went to see if the issues extended across the board.

I ordered ribeye with sticky rice, all the veggies, salsa, kimchi and kBBQ sauce. Upon first glance, I didn’t feel like they skimped on ingredients. Now, would I have argued if they gave me more protein? No, of course not. But upon looking back at the ML archives to see what Brownie received previously from the truck, I honestly thought my lunch looked pretty similar.

Wild child From the Korilla Truck
This photo is from Brownie’s February, 2011 visit.

Spicy Pork Cho Sun Bowl from Korilla
And, this one’s from her October, 2010 visit.

Obviously I can’t tell you scientifically, but I think my order looks pretty on-par with what we’ve seen over the past year. I am sure that the complaints in the forums are legit, and I’m certainly not trying to discredit their gripes, but perhaps if you want to frequent the Korilla truck the way to go is the chosum bowls instead of their tacos and burritos.

As always you should check Korilla’s Twitter account or the ML Twitter Tracker before heading out.


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    Thanks for the post…but wouldn’t it have been better to have gotten a taco or burrito instead to compare?

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    Yeah, I also appreciate the post, but if everyone is complaining about the taco and burrito size, why order a bowl??

  • This is the equivalent of congress investigating performance enhancing drugs in baseball and then asking a hockey player. Way to go on the completely meaningless comparison.

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    Are there any old pics of the burrito on this site to be compared to?

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    The point of the write up was to see if the size of the bowls had also been reduced. Everyone has pretty much figured out the tacos and burritos are smaller.

  • The bottom container looks a little smaller, but it may be a bad photo. I haven’t been there in forever because they haven’t come back to their old spot on 55th.

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    as someone who only gets cho sun bowls… yes.. it’s smaller :(

  • Jeebus you guys are tough. Gotta side with Gate321 on this one… she wanted to see if the bowls had gotten smaller, and they haven’t.

    • As an aside, these pictures, or ‘evidence’ if you like, do not depict the depth of the bowl. The argument is still erroneous notwithstanding the false equivalence fallacy of bowl -> burrito -> taco.

  • The article does make a good point, indirectly. Korilla can easily put way less filling in the burrito then they could in a bowl and get away with it, which they are clearly doing. If they were to fill up half the bowl and leave the other half empty, they’d be destroyed, because people could criticize it on sight immediately. They’d have to go the slightly smaller container route to pull something like that off. With the burrito, you can tell it feels lighter, but it’s not as easy to prove unless you bring a scale and know how much it weighed before.

    I guess I need to get the bowl and make my own burrito.I could make quite a hearty burrito if I dump the whole bowl in.

  • Total size of the bowl may not have changed, but look at the ribeye in the top pic. You have maybe a tablespoon of ribeye. Compare that to the two ginormous scoops of rice and you have all the evidence you need.

  • def smaller portions from what they used to serve.

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    Do a Google search for ’2011 food prices’ and you’ll see that food prices are up between 3-9% this year. Beef prices have increased 9% in 2011, according to the USDA. So food carts, like restaurants, are pressured to either raise prices, serve smaller portions, or use inferior ingredients. I’ve noticed the rice:meat ratio rising on a few combo platters recently. Sucks for us.

  • I think the whole point of this write up was to say “ORDER THE BOWLS, IDIOTS.”

    C’mon, they’re the best thing on the truck anyway.

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