Korilla’s K’lla Sauce Packs Some Serious Heat

Korilla BBQ Truck

In the months since the Korilla BBQ truck first hit the streets they’ve revamped their menu to make the truck more efficient. You still have the option of mixing and matching toppings but they’ve put together some “best of” combos. I liked the Pork Chosun Bowl I first tried in the fall, so I decided to go with their Wild Child combination ($8) with their house made tofu and a more than liberal dousing of their k’lla sauce.

First let’s talk sauce. Korilla has 4 options and the homemade 5 pepper k’lla sauce is their hottest. If you are spice adverse or only like your food a touch spicy, you should steer clear of this. Spice fiends, engage!

Wild child From the Korilla Truck

Now back to the food, this particular combination was like having all sorts of great banchan and not having to share one bit. The house-made tofu is firm and mild. The meaty shitake mushrooms were nice and toothsome and the tangy shredded radish (at least I think it was radish) and the cool mung beans offset the fire in your mouth k’lla sauce. I don’t think that the kimchi was actually supposed to be in the dish, but they asked if I wanted any and I’ll never say no to kimchi. The spinach seemed to have hints of sesame as did the mushrooms though at times, with the extra k’lla sauce I asked them to pile on, it was hard not to just taste: “HOT HOT five peppers, ow, hurts so good.” If you like veggies, the Wild Child delivers.

Overall, this is a nice option for Korean food loving vegetarians and still a filling lunch for non veg folk.  They usually spend Mondays on 55th and Lex, but as always you should check their Twitter account or the ML Twitter Tracker before heading out.

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