Korilla BBQ Introduces New, Easier Menu

If you had a chance to check out the Korilla BBQ truck on 58th Street today you might have noticed they just launched a brand new “Heritage” menu.  The Korean/Mexican fusion truck still allows for complete customization of their burritos, tacos, and bowls, but to make it easier for those who find the process a bit intimidating, the heritage menu features already assembled options- keeping those tough choices to a minimum.  They also feature adorable names like the “Eye of the Tiger”, “Wonder Bird” “Porkinator” and “Wild Child”, in addition to options for kimchi lovers (“Kimchi Time”), and the person who likes to be surprised by the chef (the “I’m Feeling Lucky”).  Sadly it looks like the “chompers” are gone, but if it means a more efficient truck we’ll take it.

Check out the complete new menu, on their website.

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