Make Sure to Get the Fries at Comfort Diner

Comfort Diner Last year we had informed you that Comfort Diner (45th btw 2+3rd Ave) had lost their lease and was planning to relocate but then it didn’t. Then all was quiet until this May when fellow Lunch’er Maria told us that she had spotted the Comfort Diner opened in it’s old spot once more.

Comfort Diner has always been stuck in the back of my head because a coworker is pretty much in love with it. Recently I found few more coworkers saying positive things about it as well. I know what most of you think about Comfort Diner so I was hesitant in checking it out.

Earlier that day, I had consulted with my coworker to see what I should eat. She said “pretty much everything there is good but make sure to get the fries.” Well I was eyeing the tuna melt but if I wanted fries with it, it would’ve been over the $10 limit. Then I realized most of the things on the menu, if I wanted to include fries with the meal, would’ve put me over $10. Finally I decided to get a turkey burger deluxe ($8.95).

Comfort Diner

Looking at the platter, the burger had nice looking grilled marks, it came with half a pickle and a tiny cup of cole slaw. Pretty standard diner looking stuff.

Comfort Diner

To my coworker, if you’re reading this I’m sorry to say that I wasn’t too thrilled about the burger. The patty was okay and wasn’t bland at all. The tomato, lettuce and onion did their job just fine. But the bun, oh the bun (!), was just not good at all. It was dry and crumbly.

As for the fries that my coworker made sure I get, well they were actually quite good. I’m not saying they were the best but for diner fries these were pretty awesome. They had a nice golden color (unlike some fries with their pale yellow color, a sign of not enough frying time) and were perfectly crispy.

Comfort Diner may give you that old timey diner feel with it’s dated decor and apparently good milkshakes but in the turkey burger department I still prefer the one from Blarney Rock Pub. Yes the fries were good but to include it with your meal puts most of the things on the menu over $10 and I’m not sure if it’s worth splurging. Though I am eyeing that tuna melt.

Comfort Diner, 214 E 45th St. (212) 867-4555


  • I used to hit Comfort when I worked on 23rd. They were featured on food network for their meatloaf i think. I remember trying it once and it was good. Not the best diner in the world but solid food, albeit a bit pricey.

  • That burger looks horrible–like frozen, overcooked, condemned-meat horrible. If it’s anything like the CD that used to be on 23rd St, then it is just overpriced, decidedly mediocre food served with a bad attitude. Real diner? Check Malibu on 23rd St near 7th Ave. I bet the Chock Full o’ Nuts Cafe on 23rd even has it all over this place. I hope your coworker is hot to make up for her lack in taste regarding diners.

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    Will charge you extra when you ask for a substitute ingredient. Will not call you but instead will tell you when you arrive to pick up your food that they will charge the extra. After debating with the older looking manager/employee he started giving me attitude about even questioning why Comfort Diner would ever charge extra, Rude customer service and the food was nothing exceptional. DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE. There are other diner/fast food joints in the area that are much much better.

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